To Share or not to Share

I have been oft criticized, even downright belittled, for blogging about trauma/drama concerning various situations in my recent past.  For whatever reason, some considered sharing my experience through the written word inappropriate, embarrassing, even slanderous.  I have even been told that I need to know that 'life is not a blog', whatever that means.  I respectfully disagree and always have...and will continue to do so.  (As always, they have a right to their opinion.)

My best friend found this article that had some interesting things to say about the matter.  Perhaps you will find it interesting, as well.

I diligently make every effort to blog with integrity, and have vowed to do so.  I will never use names, events or the pain of others to mock, belittle or hurt for the sake of 'blog fodder'.  However, I will continue to state my opinions, doctrinal stands and outright finger-pointing at injustice with the intent to uphold righteousness and call others, and myself, to a higher standard until I can no longer tap it out on this keyboard.

I humbly pray that somehow, someway, my experience and journey will be edifying, validating and healing to someone who is walking the same path.


Netanya said…
What a glorious form of therapy for you and the readers.
Ari C'rona said…
I concur with Netanya - I am so grateful that you have this outlet for yourself and for others - it certainly is a huge blessing for me, my dear, dear friend.

You so often express what is only floating randomly around in my head that I can't get out coherently.

We are called to exhort and encourage one another - I take your exhortations to heart and examine myself every time as I want only to do what is right before my G-d and obey Him in everything. :o)
Patty said…
Keep on writing my friend!! We are all behind you 150%!! I LOVE your writing!! :-) HUGS