Grateful Friday

Gosh, it's so quiet in my house...odd. Perhaps the fog is making it more insulated or something. This morning I'm waking up with a new attitude, new outlook, new future...I'm so, so very grateful.

I'm grateful for days at home where I can get myself organized.

I'm grateful for morning greetings from grateful, hungry people.  ( I was blessed again to be able to help with serving a hot breakfast to the homeless in downtown Tacoma.  It is an honor.)

I'm grateful to meet new people and learn new things.  I'm also grateful for hooking up with old friends through social media.

I'm grateful for passionate debates, heartfelt conversations and loving hugs.

I'm grateful to wake up from unpleasant dreams.

I'm grateful that my children are happy and healthy and that they, too, are looking toward a bright future.

I'm grateful my boyz are excited about the upcoming hunting season.

I'm grateful for a new day.

I'm grateful for happy hour provided by my bestie - thanks, Lis!

I'm grateful for too much to do.

I'm grateful for the air conditioner.

I'm will always be grateful to get direction from the LORD.

I'm grateful for shepherds and sheep, for facebook and wi-fi, for laughter...and for just-let-it-go, laugh-out-loud kind of laughter.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to commit to a new congregation and for a gifted shepherd that is not afraid to do what the LORD directs, even when it's difficult.  (I never thought that this would come about, especially after so much hurt and pain, but the LORD is merciful and gracious to me, my family and my dearest friends.  This is not done without trepidation, mind you; I trust the LORD is taking us all in a direction that will glorify His name.)

I'm grateful for understanding and compassion.

I'm grateful for choir rehearsal and a chance to grow vocally.

I'm grateful for my awesome dentist office and all the wonderful staff that work there.

I'm grateful that I got to have lunch with my baby girl this week, and hear what she is excited about.  I'm so very grateful that she loves the LORD and seeks to serve Him.

l'dor v'dor

I'm grateful for my health and the prospect of all the drama finally ending.

I'm grateful for books that compile wisdom into pithy sayings.
You must remember always to give, of everything you have.  You must give foolishly, even.  You must be extravagant.  you must give to all  who come into your life.  Then nothing  and no one shall have power to cheat you of anything, for if you give to a thief, he cannot steal from you, and he himself is then no longer a thief.  And the more you give, the more you will have to give.  
~William Saroyan, writer

I'm grateful for hospital visits and walking alongside fellow servants.

I'm grateful to feel needed and wanted.

I'm grateful for several glorious days of sunshine.

I'm so grateful that my car tires held out for our recent trek across the state...turns out that the two front tires were completely split and showing metal.  The possibility of a blowout was huge, but we were spared an accident. Also, that my alternator waited until we returned home to completely die (this one made it 151,000 miles!).

I'm grateful for AAA, friendly tow-truck drivers, Les Schwab and the discovery of a great, new mechanic shop very close to my house!

I'm grateful for the music of Fernando Ortega.

I'm so grateful for the Chaverim; Lisa, Barb, Netanya, Kevin, Laura & Patty. These exceptional women fill my life with love, laughter and meaning. They have persevered through shared pain over and over again, showing exceptional character and faith beyond measure.  Saying thank you will never be enough.   I love you all so much!

I'm grateful to be able to write on this blog and for my beloved readers.  I humbly pray that somehow, in some small way, I can bless their lives with my efforts.

I'm grateful for new beginnings.

What are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I am grateful for this wonderful way to start my Friday - reading all your gratefuls, my friend.

I'm grateful for my beloved friends, my family, and the absolutely awesome G-d we serve.

I'm grateful for my dear friend who is there when I'm in need - I love you.
Mama Cache said…
I think I could bask for a long time in your list of expressed gratitude -- I love that it is long and full of so much answered prayer.

I love you!