August 13, 2011

Hangin' in Spokane

What a gloriously sunny day in Spokaloo! It was con-day today, so we got ourselves suited up appropriately and headed to SpoCon. Unfortunately, this particular con isn't quite what it should be, so we took a little break for a side C'oeur d'Alene! We were on the hunt for great places to take pics; we ended up on Lake C'oeur d'Alene - how absolutely beautiful!

Then, it was back to the con to meet up with some friends...what??  Your friends don't look quite like this?  Hmmm....

[photo credit: Padawan]

It was lovely to enjoy the warm temperatures, lovely sunshine and good friends.  Tomorrow, we are back on the road heading down to Kamiah, Idaho to visit Lisa's beloved mum.

 Shavuah tov, my friends!


Ari C'rona said...

I love ending up in unexpected places! What a great day! :o)

Jedi-J said...

Small cons are better than no cons! Love the pics by the way. You always manage to find beauty in unlikely places.

Patty said...

GREAT pics my friend!!! Thanks for sharing them with us. Hope you two have a FANTABULOUS trip. Stay safe and come back home soon!! LOVE YOU!! HUGS!!