This Jedi Reviews Cowboys & Aliens

OK, this was a fun movie!

I first discovered Daniel Craig, (who plays the main character Jake Lonergan in this movie), in the latest James Bond offering.  My hubby was 'watching' it on television; unfortunately, he falls asleep far before the plot of any movie is even revealed.  When I eventually come into the room, I end up getting sucked into whatever is playing...usually some shoot 'em up or disgusting horror flick.  But this time is was Daniel Craig, who plays an incredible Bond, by the way.  Who is this guy, and where did he come from??  Why had I never seen him before?

(When I mentioned him to my husband, he said, "oh yeah, isn't that the guy who never smiles?"  Yeah, that's him. *chuckle*)

yep...pretty easy to look at, eh?

This movie had it all...well, except Obi-Wan, that is.  The hero of the story is exceptional, exactly what you'd want a hero to be like.  Talk about kickin' some butt!  Harrison Ford is such a jerk in this movie (kinda like in real life, eh?), but he eventually comes around, which I appreciated. The costuming was incredible and very believable. Regrettably, the music didn't hit me as unique, but it wasn't distracting, either. I truly enjoyed how the story carried you through without any dead-spots of predictability. They even incorporated a bit of the classic horror-flick surprise elements as well as a full-head nod to any alien movie where weird appendages come out of the abdomen of the creature. Cooool!

It is pretty well known that I don't go to movies often, mostly because of the overly expensive ticket prices.  However, when I saw the trailer for this one, I had to give it a whirl.  I'd definitely add this one to my DVD collection when it comes out.


Ari C'rona said…
Yeah, that was a great one! He's fast and tough, smart and so easy to look at! :o)
Sue KuKu said…
Jay & I saw it last Friday -- it looked like a big screen movie. We loved it!

Though I did think about the Borg once or twice, and there were some plot holes, it was good.

I did NOT see the Native American's fire consequences coming!
Director of Fun said…
I think that shot of Mr. Craig was EXACTLY the scene that Miniles was enjoying as well. Must get me to a movie theatre soon.