A little bit of reminiscing - 2016

So, here we are at the end of another year - I can hardly believe it!

I left my beloved religious community and said goodbye to my mother in 2010, and then left my relationship of 20 years in 2012. I entered university in 2013 and now am getting ready to graduate with honors this coming spring. And, best of all - I am privileged to live life with two of the sweetest, most loving souls alive. Who could ask for more?

I am grateful to come to this time healthy and the most happy I have ever been.
I am grateful for my children, and their continued health and happiness.
I am grateful for a beautiful and peaceful home on the coast.
I am grateful for things to learn and for those who are willing to share their knowledge.
I am grateful for an innate curiosity and motivation to learn.
I am grateful for the wisdom that is available.
I am grateful for good food to eat, and the joy that comes from preparation and sharing.
I am grateful for life's necessities - power, heat, running water, soft beds, and laughter.
I am grateful for the nature all around us.
I am oh-so grateful for life.