Clearing the Deck

I love this blog. It seems to be a refuge in a way other venues just cannot. It is no wonder that throughout history people have withdrawn to writing as a way to both record moments and history, and to think deeply about their human experience. And, what's not to love about that?

As the fog moves up the canal this late December morning, I am again awed at the place I find myself. Call it fortunate, or blessed, or just plumb-ass lucky...I am so very grateful for my circumstances. I think the seagulls that bob along with the winter migrating ducks agree.

So, a bit of clearing the clutter is in order, I suppose. I took the luxury, during this school break, to clean out my closet. Gosh, I have another bag to give to donation; at the risk of sounding redundant, have you checked out the Fast-Diet yet? It is neither a fast nor a diet, but I have been quite successful in dropping pounds and improving my health - which is the major benefit. Anyway, it was nice to clear out the old in anticipation of our final move down here in June. I can tell you one thing: I will be re-reading Marie Kondo's tidying book prior to that endeavor. No need to bring extra baggage with us!

Other cool things worth sharing:

Have you ever tried TokyoMilk perfumes or products? Lisa and I discovered it in the coolest little shop in Centralia called Shady Lady - what a find...both the perfume and the shop! I actually walked out of the shop and then had to turn around and go look at things again! That perfume came home with me...

Another product that is enjoying a lot of popularity is handmade soaps. I even saw some made by-men-for-men using beer, of all things! However, if you are looking for some really high-quality handmade soap made from goat milk, check out a local Ocean Shores producer named Laura Brannon. She and her husband run Gaia Blends Natural and Organic Soaps, Salves, and Candles. The salve is definitely worth trying, especially if you suffer from any dry skin ailments. She will be back in Ocean Shores in March, in case you are near-by. If not, check out her link above.

Under the heading of techy stuff, since I am no longer on facebook, I needed some way to keep up with at least the bare minimum of news. I tried the iphone app Newsify, but it seemed a bit cumbersome and not very adaptable to my needs. Then I tried Quartz, and I absolutely love it! With the appearance and tone of a texting friend, I get just the facts, or I can get a bit more. If I need even more information on the subject, I can follow the link to the actual article they are citing. Very cool! If you are like me, and not wanting to be inundated with our next president and his every move, check out Quartz (I actually have it as an app on my iphone, but if you follow the link, it takes you to the ability to subscribe for email updates. Very handy.)

And, speaking of scary news nobody is considering, how about THIS?

On that happy note, I just want to say that I am back on instagram under the moniker OceanShoresJedi, if anyone feels so inclined to follow. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...right?

The appropriate music at the right time:

I cannot clear the clutter without mentioning the sad fact of the passing of Carrie Fisher (and her mother, Debbie Reynolds the very next day). The world of Star Wars fandom is in mourning. She will be greatly missed.

in Force Awakens

I love these two shots...

Well, I cannot end on that unhappy how about some words of wisdom?

"You can say anything you like, as long as you say it the right way."

And, this one:

"Are you building up or tearing down?"

Definitely things to think about when considering relationships of all flavors. Our words have meaning, and what you say has the potential of reverberating in another's head long after the conversation has ended. It is wise to be mindful with our words; they may outlive us!

Well, that's all for now. The sun has come out again, there are a couple of geese swimming casually by my window, and the hummingbird just checked in to see what we were talking about before taking a sweet sip from the feeder.