Grateful Friday

Yes, it's Friday. But, any day is the right day to feel grateful.

I am grateful for the protection and provision of our LORD.

I am grateful we were able to travel and see relatives and special friends.

I am grateful for my family.

guess who we ran into at Disneyland?

I am grateful for all the things that made this summer great: sunshine, the YMCA, memories, day trips, digital cameras, travel planning...really living.

I am grateful for a safe and peaceful place to live...and laugh.

This sounds strange, but I am grateful that I am not a part of a religious congregation right now. The LORD has me right where He wants me. Praise His Name!!

I am grateful for all the incredible, awe-inspiring, grand, glorious, and mostly unbelievable sights and sounds we experienced while traveling. What a thrill!

Zion Nat'l Park

I am grateful for music and for itty-bitty tuned chimes.

I am grateful for my new car.

just like Anakin...
dark and a bit dangerous

I am grateful for my children...always. I am always grateful to hear their voices, their laughter and to be there to love them and share their lives.

I am grateful for Pacific Lutheran University and the staff there - they are some of the nicest people I have met in a long time. I am so glad I chose PLU and that they accepted me as a student. I am grateful for my counselor, Abigail, who is possibly the coolest person in Parkland.

I am grateful for diversity in thought, doctrine, and experience.

I am grateful for all the people I talked to on all the various LDS Temples we visited.

with our new friend, Beverly

I am grateful for laptop computers, low gas prices, hot showers, ventilated hotel rooms, hot coffee and iPods.

I am grateful for fresh air and clean sheets. I am grateful for a purring kitty and fresh fruit from the local market.

I'm grateful that I had pics on my laptop that we thought were lost.

I'm grateful for goodnight kisses and knowing looks.

I'm grateful for love...and for ahuvi.

I'm grateful for good books, excellent articles and inspiring blog posts.

I'm grateful for comfortable shoes, car top carriers and gps.

I'm grateful for my bestie!

I'm grateful I got all the travel posts posted and that my faithful readers enjoyed them.

I'm grateful for yesterday,
and tomorrow.



Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful that we continue to travel through this life together, my dear friend. And, we have another companion to share the journey with us. B"H.
Mole said…
Ah! Grateful Friday! It's like seeing an old friend again.

I'm thankful for (well, we'll see if it works) the little comment box on blogs.

I am thankful that you are home again, safe and sound. I just am.

Love you, my friend. Exceedingly grateful for you.