Grateful Thanksgiving

On this day that is designated for turkey and family gatherings, whether good or bad, I am grateful. Well, that is not a is everyone else on every social media in existence. And, thankfully, for the most part everyone seems deliriously happy.

However, I have a dilemma. While I am not exactly delirious at the moment, I am oh-so-grateful for so many things that I cannot verbalize, for one reason or another. I am so very happy and blessed at my turn of circumstances - more than I could ever say. Perhaps someday I will write a book.

I'm grateful for beautiful souls.

I'm grateful for provision...always.

I'm grateful for music.

I'm grateful for breath.

I'm grateful for squishy mattresses and sunshine streaming through windows.

I'm grateful for the last of the fall leaves hanging on for dear life.

I'm grateful for comfy throws and the color red.

I'm grateful for kisses and hugs. And smiles...I especially like those.

I'm grateful for history and for the fact that I don't have to live there.

I'm grateful for all my experiences, hard as they may have been.

I'm grateful for the dear friends who still like me even though I'm human (just like everyone else).

I'm grateful for moving boxes, packing tape and new beginnings.

I'm grateful for life, and the fact that I get to live some of it.

May our LORD bless us all with His grace and mercy as we continue to glorify His Name on this earth.

Happy Thanksgiving 
to all my friends and readers. 

And now...pumpkin pie and copious amounts of whipped cream all around!


Ari C'rona said…
I not only like you, but love you, my bestie! I'm so grateful for the present and the future, and the One Who holds that future in His hands.
Mole said…
I am thankful, too.

For you. Always.

Thankful, too, for phone calls all the way from Georgia from a young man who makes me feel like I've done something right in my life.