July 6, 2012

Grateful Friday

So grateful for summer!

I'm grateful for this past week, although it went by extremely fast!

I'm grateful for scholarship opportunities.

I'm grateful for my proof-reader!

I'm grateful for phone calls from traveling friends.

I'm grateful for affirming emails.

I'm grateful for days planned to spend with friends.

I'm grateful for sunshine and ladybugs that pose for me...

I'm grateful for times when I get the house to myself.

I'm grateful for blogger, facebook and fun gadgets that make me smile.

I'm grateful for the future and big dreams.

I'm grateful for discount coupons at JoAnn's, gas rewards at Safeway and when I get a fast cashier at Walmart (which doesn't happen often, but when it does, I'm grateful!)

I'm grateful for drive-through Starbucks.

I'm grateful for awesome weather forecasts!

it's summertime in Seattle!

I'm grateful to feel wanted and needed - and that I can provide comfort with simply the sound of my voice.

I'm grateful for great software like One Note and Word.

I'm grateful for friendly security guards - the one at Bonneville Dam was very nice.

I'm grateful that I can be available to those in need.

I'm grateful that my car runs without many issues.

I'm grateful for colorful summer flowers.

I'm grateful for sunsets that make Mount Rainier appear pink.

I'm grateful for anti-wrinkle cream...not sure it's doing anything, but it makes me feel better anyway.

I'm grateful for refreshing sleep.

I'm grateful to see my Dad smile.

I'm grateful for my favorite restaurant, Cattin's, and the people who work there.

I'm grateful for laughter with good friends. And acceptance. I'm grateful for acceptance.

I'm grateful for icy-cold glasses of sweet tea (especially in uber-cool glasses!)

I'm grateful for life.

What are you grateful for this week?


Mama Cache said...

I'm thankful that the state of Washington is not in another country. ;-)

So thankful that my husband is a hard worker. If he were not, he would definitely be kissing his job good-bye.

I'm thankful for safety and opportunity to see more than my little neck of the woods during my lifetime.

I am thankful for you -- that, my friend, is bigger than it looks in writing. I love you so much.

Netanya said...

I'm gratefull it's finally Friday!
That I get to see my besties tomorrow.
For some alone time.
Awesome tea/lemonade glasses.

Ari C'rona said...

I'm grateful for the gift of time and love from dear friends.

I'm grateful for the gift of faith and deep discussions.

I'm grateful for a wonderful day at the market with you and Chuck!