Grateful Friday

I'm always grateful to see the dogwoods

I'm grateful for so many things this morning.

I'm grateful for the beautiful and moving memorial service for Pastor Buntain last Sunday. I'm grateful for his legacy and the obvious 'fruit' of his lifetime of service to the Kingdom of G-d. (Here's a couple of shots from my view from the choir loft...)

the beautiful pipe organ at Life Center

the view from where I sat - it was packed!

photo credit: L. Landry
(this is only part of the choir - there were 140 voices plus the orchestra!)

This week, I'm also grateful for the wonderful opportunity and blessing of being able to attend a week-long course in the Dead Sea Scrolls from the Spiritual Life Institute at St. Martin's University (Lacey, WA). It has been absolutely a thrill to watch three learned doctors teach on this interesting and stimulating topic. A true blessing!

I'm grateful for the beautiful campus of St. Martin's University.

I am grateful for sack lunches and great conversations with new friends.

I'm grateful for a week of hangin' out with people interested in learning.

I'm grateful for good music, commute time (alone in my car!) and awesome breakfast sandwiches (thanks Laura!).

I'm grateful for my laptop.

I'm grateful for a surprise blessing for a needy family.

I'm grateful to see souls that I haven't seen for a very long time - it's nice to know that they are still well and learning.

I'm grateful for my cell phone - what a lifeline.

I'm grateful for Taylor.

I'm grateful I was able to see Morgan for a bit this week.

I'm so very grateful for an incredible outpouring of love and support from my closest friends this week - I can never thank you all enough.

I'm grateful for Facebook and all the support I get there.

I'm grateful for homemade 'business' cards.

I'm grateful that the door never closes for members of the Life Center choir - once a member, always a member!

I'm grateful for the knowledge, grace and wisdom that I have been afforded from the Hand of the Almighty.

I'm grateful for an impromptu dinner at Taco Time - thanks for meetin' me there, Lis!

I'm grateful that I only used one tank of gas all week, and that gas prices have dropped substantially!

I'm grateful for my Kia dealership (Kia of Puyallup) - the service department is awesome!

I'm grateful for handbells and the opportunity to see my friend Susan perform. We had a great meal together, too!

my happy friend Susan 

there was 450 ringers at the concert!

I am also grateful for a fun walkabout in downtown Tacoma and for fun little boutiques to shop in...I found a fabulous scarf and bag that I couldn't live without!

I'm grateful for smiling, friendly people.

I'm grateful for my friendship with Brent.

I'm grateful my friend Kevin gets to enjoy a family road trip with some good friends - can't wait to hear all about it! May they make great memories at the Grand Canyon.

I'm grateful when the LORD focuses my attention where it needs to be.

I'm grateful for life, breath, wisdom, discernment, a purpose and a future.

So, what are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for experienced, intelligent doctors and the hope they can give.

I'm grateful for navigational ability that HaShem put in my head, and for UTY, my pseudo-speeder.

I'm grateful for the bit of sunshine we had this week and time to work in my yard.

I'm grateful for Larry and Jacob.

I'm grateful, too, for those loving friends that are always there when I need them.
Mama Cache said…

for the opportunity to get online in the lodge,

for phone reception in the middle of the Grand Canyon,

for the opportunity to view something that can't be described in words,

and for a friend who understands that sometimes you can't receive a hug (even if you need it terribly) because the tears that are sure to come won't stop once they do.