Grateful Friday

How many ways can I be grateful today?

I can be grateful for smiling faces and happy thoughts.

I can be grateful for the little ways that the LORD is right there with me, even when I'm not aware.

I can be grateful for warm feelings of love and care from friends both near and far.

I can be thankful for the happy color pink.

I am grateful today.

I am grateful for purring cats snuggled up with me in the bed when I awake.

I am grateful for soothing music.

I'm grateful for good vitamins and food to satisfy my hunger.

I'm grateful for the prayers of others on my behalf.

And I'm grateful for the opportunity to pray for those in need.

I am grateful to see new life abounding all around me.

I am continually grateful for provision in my life.

I'm grateful that my car runs and I have a roof over my head.

I'm grateful for the warmth of clean blankets and hot showers.

I'm grateful for refrigerators that keep my food from spoiling and microwaves that heat food right when I want it.

"When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, 
you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.”

I'm so grateful for my besties :-)

I'm grateful for new friends to share life with.

I'm grateful for technology and for long-held, comfortable traditions.

I'm grateful that tomorrow is Shabbat.

I can be thankful that even the weeds are beautiful.

I'm grateful for beautiful color all around me.

I'm grateful for clean air and fresh water.

I'm grateful when I can drive with my windows rolled down and the wind in my hair.

I'm grateful to hear the birds sing.

I'm grateful when things work out.

I am awed and amazed when the Creator
brings the color of a beautiful summer sky
close enough for us to touch.

I'm grateful for college advisers that are willing to listen, for parking passes that save me from getting a ticket and wonderful computer bags.

I'm grateful for cheap tee-shirts with funny sayings, photos that I can make into artwork for next to nothing and to hear good news about old friends.

I'm thankful for the opportunity for my kids to go to camp and for the excitement of getting ready.

I'm thankful for how this school year has gone despite the craziness.

I'm thankful to be looking forward to a new beginning that really is the start of something wonderful.

Summer on the lake!

Good men and bad men differ radically. 
Bad men never appreciate kindness shown them, 
but wise men appreciate and are grateful. 
Wise men try to express their appreciation and gratitude by some return of kindness, 
not only to their benefactor, 
but to everyone else, as well.

I'm grateful for wise men...

So, what are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for the renewing of my mind - the L-rd is merciful.

I'm grateful for bunnies outside my door that stay long enough to snap a pic.

I'm grateful for the perfect peanut butter cookie recipe.

I'm grateful for towels in my car when I leave the sunroof open a tad.

I'm grateful for the perfect friends that grace my life, and more so for the One who brought us together...
Netanya said…
I'm grateful for my beautiful new laptop!

I'm very grateful for dear friends who are willing to put up with my meltdowns.

I'm greatful for besties who go with me to TCC