Grateful Friday

With you, the Fourth, may it be.

Well, it's Star Wars Day, May the 4th. I don't usually go for puns, but this one is catchy. Besides, Star Wars is my 'obsession', after all.

I am very grateful for the Star Wars franchise or saga, whichever term you wish to use. It has afforded me wonderful entertainment, thought-provoking themes and awesome heroes, a costuming hobby that is an absolute blast, fabulous geeky friends who are some of the most interesting, fun-loving and accepting people I've ever met and a well-needed escape when my life got way too difficult to face all at once. I've taken a lot of crap for my so-called obsession, but they can take their religious judgment and just stick it. Ignorance is...well, ignorance. Their loss.

I am eternally grateful to be out of a congregation, especially a small, narrow-minded, legalistic one. Some of the most mean-spirited, conniving and self-serving people I have ever met have been within the confines of a 'believing' community. But, I have never worked on Wall Street or in politics, so perhaps I'm a little naive. (Having said that, I have to fully admit that some of the most kind-hearted, loving, self-sacrificing souls I have met have been believers...but unfortunately, in my experience, they are rare indeed.)

I am grateful for my dear friends - who happen to be real friends, not just in word only.

I'm grateful for our prayer group - what a blessing to be able to pray for the needs of others.

I'm grateful that it is almost my favorite festival - Shavuot!

I'm grateful that it is not so biting cold outside, even if it is raining most of the time.

I'm grateful that Lisa went with me to the college campus this week and helped me get things in order. I couldn't ask for a better friend.

I'm grateful for places with free wi-fi.

I'm grateful for good doctors and for re-checks that don't have to happen for a full year from now.

I'm grateful that the LORD puts all things right and that in the end, everything will be revealed.

I'm grateful for Laura & Patty and for history.

I'm grateful for my dear friend Netanya and her character.

I'm grateful for old pictures, funny memories and knowing that others are laughing out loud sitting in front of their computer screen just like I am.

I'm grateful for sunny weather when it happens and incredible rainbows that appear at the most interesting times. (Once again, I found myself driving towards one of the brightest and complete triple rainbow I have ever seen - absolutely made me stop and praise the Holy One! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture a snap when it was at it's brightest. Incredibly, it disappeared immediately after I took this this pic with my phone.)

the last of the brightest rainbow
I have ever seen!

I'm grateful for emergency personnel when there is a pile-up on the freeway - they are truly heroes.

I'm grateful for my car and that Morgan doesn't mind driving the 'party van'.

I'm grateful for all my facebook guys rock!! I especially love it when my various 'circles' intermingle; letterboxing friends mixing with Star Wars friends chatting with church friends...and don't forget friends of friends - very cool!

I'm grateful for caught up laundry and a mostly-clean kitchen.

I'm grateful to look forward to Shabbat.

So, what are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm so grateful for a good, long visit with an old friend.

I'm grateful for the most awesome friends anyone could have!

I'm grateful for stability and letting go of fear - al tirah!

I'm grateful for cookies, creme brulee, and coffee cake. :o)
Mama Cache said…
On Grateful Friday, I'm grateful for Friday. At the close of this day, I will be so thankful for the end of this week.

It was busy.
It was good.
It will be over.