Grateful Friday

I have been knee-deep in preparation for the biggest event in the biblical festival cycle - Passover. Cleaning, planning, purchasing, taste-testing, more cleaning, cooking ahead, washing dishes and linens, more cleaning...and even still more cleaning.  My house feels remarkably free of chametz at this point!

I'm thankful for the china dishes from my mother.

I'm ever so grateful for all the work and help of my bestie - thanks, Lis!
I couldn't do it without you.

I'm grateful for a great hagadah and beautiful bouquets for our seder.

I'm grateful for portable tables, a big place in which to set them up and for all the Passover necessities we have collected over the years.

I'm grateful for a simpler menu this year.

I'm grateful that, when we had lunch yesterday, it rained hard the whole time we were eating, and then when it was time to leave, the rain completely stopped. Amazing!

I'm so thankful for true and loyal friends.

I'm grateful Netanya was able to get online last night, and that there wasn't something seriously wrong with her computer.

I'm grateful for a wonderful time singing this past Sunday - love, love, love all the folks at Life Center in Tacoma.

I'm grateful for my facebook friends and photos of events I was unable to attend.

I'm grateful, once again, for my doctor - she is awesome!

I'm grateful for wonderful food to eat.

I'm grateful for Monty the Orange (my portable canister vacuum) and Mr. Clean all-purpose cleaner (that stuff is amazing!).

I'm grateful for a self-cleaning oven (wish my 'fridge was self-cleaning, too!).

I'm grateful that my son takes out the trash when I ask.

I'm grateful for all the laughter during our preparations.

I'm grateful to hear from friends I haven't seen for quite a while.

I'm grateful for the internet - what in the world did I do without Google?

I'm grateful for a new (to me) photo editing website called PicMonkey. What a life-saver!

I'm grateful Morgan and I got to spend an afternoon together enjoying the sunshine and snappin' pics of spring flowers.

I'm grateful for our traditions.

I'm grateful for a wonderful and relaxing glass of wine after a long day.

I'm grateful for my two furry sleeping buddies, Jeddy and Solly. They give me much joy.

I'm grateful for an awesome cup of Starbucks yesterday morning. Love it!

I'm grateful for the self-checkout at the grocery store.

I'm grateful for fun music I haven't listened to for a long time.

I'm grateful for storms - for their powerful beauty, how they clean the air, and for the sun that shines afterward.

I'm grateful that my favorite movie just hit the cheap theater - woohoo!

I'm grateful for real smiles, as opposed to phoney, forced ones.

I'm so grateful for friends who are willing to pray with me - their efforts are priceless.

I'm grateful for my sister, Laura.

I'm grateful that the report came back 'benign' for a dear friend of a friend.

I'm grateful for how much my youngest is attentive and compassionate towards his mother.

I'm grateful for special times and special days. I pray that all my dear, close friends celebrating Pesach have a happy and kosher festival. I also pray that all my beloved friends celebrating Easter have a blessed Resurrection Day. May He shine His face towards us all as we humbly attempt to honor Him in everything we do and say.

Chag Sameach!


Mama Cache said…
Reflecting . . .

so many good test results lately,

so many opportunities to see those I seldom see,

renewed gratitude for that editing project being so far behind me this year.

I am so thankful that the Lord makes a way for things that we cannot. That covers a lot of ground, and it sounds obscure, but I'm so very grateful to Him for that.
Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for yet another Pesach to share with my dear friends!

I'm grateful for the flowers blooming in my yard.

I'm grateful for new recipes!

I'm grateful for any day that feels balanced and 'normal'.

I'm grateful, oh so grateful to the One we serve - my His Name be blessed!
Netanya said…
I'm gratefull for another Pesach with my besties!
I'm grateful for good music .