Grateful Friday

So, who are you grateful for this morning?

Has someone smiled at you today?

Has someone told you thank you?

Did someone go out of their way to make something for you, or bring you something you enjoy?

Did someone travel a long distance to do something for you?
Or simply just to be with you?

Did someone visit you when you were in the hospital,
or bring a meal to you when you were ill?

Has anyone ever told you they love you,
that they enjoy your company,
or that they care?

Has anyone looked into your eyes and smiled,
touched you with their understanding,
or held your hand when it was serious?

Has anyone ever held you when you wept,
come along side you in your struggle,
or given you compassion in the midst of pain?

Have you ever had a friend?
A real friend?
A steadfast, loyal, honest friend?
Are you grateful for them?

Has anyone made you a  promise,
and then were faithful to keep it?
Were you surprised that someone would care that much?

Has anyone ever sought you out in a crowd,
or made you feel worthy of friendship?

Are you grateful you are married?
That you don't have to walk through life alone?
Or that you have someone to wake up when there is a bump in the night?

Have you felt a warm feeling when you were included?
Or suddenly realized that you were part of something bigger than yourself?
Were you grateful?
Are you still?

How many times do you stop and take a minute to be grateful?
Are you grateful for things that can't be seen?

This day,
this week,
this month...
who are you grateful for? 

I guess the bigger question is,
would they be grateful for you?

"I thank and praise you, O G-d of my fathers: 
You have given me wisdom and power, 
you have made known to me what we asked of you, 
you have made known to us the dream of the king." 
~Daniel 2:23


Ari C'rona said…
Well, what a great twist this week!

As the memories begin to replay, several names come to mind:

Karen, Kim, Christy, Dale, Mom, Pattie, Kevin, Netanya, Barb, Larry, Jacob, Kathy, Sharon, Billie Jo, Kris, JoAnne, you (sorry, had to put you in there, my friend) and many others.

I have to really think, though, if some of those were grateful for me...
Mama Cache said…
Just reading through the questions stirred up immense gratitude. I am surrounded by people that are the answers to those questions. Thanks for asking in a way that called them to mind.