Grateful Friday

Oh so grateful today! Spending some wonderful time with a friend who is visiting from Louisiana, along with the Chaverim - what a treat!

I'm grateful, always, to show a visiting friend around town - it's like being a tourist in your own city.

I'm grateful for funny looking ducks, my camera (of course), great recipes and wonderful conversation.

I'm grateful for a new furnace - the house is actually warm now - wow!

I'm grateful that my hubby gets to take a mini-vacation to the coast with his best bud.

I'm grateful for wonderful theological discussions.

I'm grateful that Sarah's bat mitzvah came off well.

I'm grateful for my dad - he is the best!

I'm grateful for good medical insurance.

I'm grateful for my comfy bed at the end of the day - sometimes it just is nice to stop and lie down.

I'm grateful for the music of Django Reinhardt.

I'm grateful for the Life Center choir, for their welcoming attitudes and for the opportunity for me and my friends to worship with them.

I'm grateful for the fabulous food at Gateway to India!

I'm grateful for so many close grocery stores.

I'm grateful that my kiddos are so helpful.

I'm grateful for the awesome worship music of Kathi Wilson.

I'm grateful for parks like Point Defiance Park in Tacoma - what a treasure.

I'm grateful for fleece jackets when it's really cold outside.

I'm grateful to celebrate Shabbat with very good friends.

I'm grateful that my doctor is so attentive.

I'm grateful for visits with my dear friend Chuck, and that he got to visit family in California.

I'm grateful for compassionate and loving people.

I'm grateful for my Star Wars collection - it makes me smile.

I'm grateful for the cute and efficient waitress at the Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor.

I'm grateful that Alex can do maintenance on my husband's truck.

I'm grateful for interesting psychology books that keep my mind thinking and the gift of a beautiful book of Psalms.

So, what are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for days when the hormones are balanced and for modern medicine to help me on those awful days.

I'm grateful for understanding and loving friends.

I'm grateful for a busy time - those not-so-busy days can drag sometimes.

I'm grateful for such a warm reception from the Life Center choir director and the wonderful people there.

I'm so grateful for now and not then...
Mama Cache said…
Oh, where to begin???

To be welcomed, warmed, and wanted -- I am so, so grateful.

The Lord is so good to me.
Your Friend said…
I'm grateful for the comfort and support of good friends to lift my spirits when my thoughts turn to my recent family losses.

I'm grateful for the challenges that life pours out to help me learn where my strengths and weakness are.

I'm grateful to be able to help people think about giving to helping organizations for those who have much less than I enjoy each day in the way of food and shelter.

I'm grateful for age in helping me appreciate the courage it takes to face each day as physical strength wanes with the years.

I'm especially grateful for the companion who shared so many years listening to my crazy ideas and tolerated my many shortcomings.

Gratefulness is the balm of peace in a world of turmoils. May I often drink of it's sweet nectar.