Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for the re-lease of Star Wars, The Phantom Menace today - how fun! My favorite on the big screen, with theater sound and 3D...sweet! 

I'm grateful that we are afforded time and provision to enjoy entertainment such as movies, concerts, theater, fairs and carnivals, theme parks, hobbies and outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking and boating...etc., etc., etc...we are most fortunate to live in this time of history, for sure.

I'm grateful that the taxes are done for this year and that it doesn't take the six to eight weeks to get the refund (like it used to years ago).

I'm grateful for happiness, growth, life and confirmation from HaShem Himself.

I'm grateful for mornings that I can be lazy in the bed because there is nothing pressing going on. (What a luxury!)

I'm grateful that my children get to sleep in, rather than having to rush, rush, rush out the door every morning going to school. (Actually, I wonder how many times they have done their schoolwork in their jams? haha!)

I'm grateful that our furnace issue will be resolved soon.

I'm grateful that spring inches closer and closer.

I'm grateful for online dictionaries and this bible study site.

I'm grateful for caller ID.

I'm grateful for peace.

I'm grateful for a prescription benefit through our medical insurance that I just found out about - lots of savings! Baruch HaShem!

I'm grateful that our Tu B'Shvat celebration was a (yummy) success.

I'm grateful to learn new things, stretch my thinking and the opportunity to study with friends.

I'm grateful for the will to stand.

I'm grateful that the LORD has enabled me to make the hard choices and follow His direction - I have lost so much, but have gained the favor and blessing of our LORD. May it always be so.

I'm so thankful for the ones that have chosen to live life with me.

I'm grateful for wonderful time walking the beach and for the glorious sunset we were privileged to see.

So grateful for readily available food, fresh water and a roof over my head.

I'm grateful for couples that truly love each other - and everyone can see it because of their actions.

I'm grateful to hear a bird call this morning.

I'm thankful for voicemail, email, texting and all the different ways we can communicate. I'm so very grateful for the ability to communicate.

I'm always grateful when I am able to serve and be there for those in need.

I'm thankful that Laura's brother came through surgery well.

I'm thankful for the journey.

So, what are you thankful for this week?


Mama Cache said…
I'm grateful for the skilled hands of carpenters, cabinet-makers, painters, and the like. They make my world a more attractive place.

Ah, yes, and for a sense of humor, I am very grateful. I've needed it these past few days.

I'm thankful for a hubby who makes opportunities happen for me and gets genuinely excited (his word) for me when they do.

I am grateful that vinyl cling red lips really do exist and can be purchased at WM . . . the end of a long search. ;-D
Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for a respite from a rocking first part of the week - and modern medicine.

I'm grateful for times of laughter and sunshine - just sharing life with those I'm so blessed to be with.

I'm grateful for stimulating studies and discussions that stretch me intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

I'm grateful for the next couple of weeks filled with friends, travel, study, laughter, and most especially love.
Stacy Christian said…
Grateful does not adequately describe how I feel to be celebrating 13 years of life with one who "should not" have survived.

I rejoice that "he himself [who] gives to all mankind life and breath and everything else" does not pay attention to shoulds and should-nots.

I am oh-so grateful for the human tools that He uses to extend the limits of birth, in the face of others who seek to do the opposite.

And I am grateful that the tears of emotions still flow easily, but are now tempered with joy and trust rather than fear and pain.

Oh, for a Thousand Tongues to sing!

I am also grateful that she isn't taller than me...yet.