Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for photos that inspire me...

I'm thankful this Friday for words...letters strung together to make sounds that actually mean something when we say them to each other. I'm thankful for words like passion, soar, create, reach, strive, change, live, great, reach, chance and hope. I'm thankful for communication and I'm thankful that communication can happen in music. It doesn't get much better than words put to notes that convey emotion so eloquently. Yes, I'm thankful for words.

I'm thankful for frozen meals that actually taste good.

I'm thankful that the Ruach HaKodesh is teaching me about unconditional love more and more.

I'm thankful for my facebook friends.

I'm thankful for Speeder (aka my car).

I'm thankful for good vitamin supplements.

I'm thankful that my kids are old enough to go off by themselves and that I can trust them to do the right thing.

I'm thankful for local pubs, opportunities to hear live music, for cheap house wine and tip jars.

I'm thankful for wi-fi wherever I can get it.

I'm thankful for filet-o-fish sandwiches - a hold over from my junk food days.

I'm thankful for a little one that turned six this week.

I'm thankful to smell spring in the air today, as the sun was shining on my face.

I'm thankful for Lisa's iPod speakers.

I'm thankful for laughter, meaningful hugs and sharing life with beautiful souls.

I'm thankful that we have most everything planned for the upcoming events.

I'm thankful for those that read my feeble attempts at writing.

I'm thankful to hear what others are studying - it is exciting!

I'm thankful for my kindle - love it!

I'm very grateful when I have the privilege to worship with other believers.

I'm grateful for the good customer service on ipage.

I'm grateful for blogger - it makes me happy!

I'm grateful for happy thoughts and quotes that inspire me.

I'm grateful for picnik (gosh, I'm sad it's gonna close down in April - boo.)

I'm grateful for the compassion and empathy of others.

I'm thankful for other empathics.

I'm thankful for the fun I have received, and continue to receive, from the Star Wars galaxy. Thanks, George!

I love these house rules:
Know You Are Loved
Do Your Best
Sing a Little, Dance a Lot
Listen to Your Parents
Do The Right Thing
Speak Kindly of Others
Tell the Truth
Play Nice, Play Fair
No Whining
Be Patient, Forgiving, Grateful

I'm grateful for people who try and for people who care.

I'm grateful for all who are polite.

I'm grateful for all the men who have ever held the door open for me while saying, "ladies first".

I'm grateful that really cool boots are in style - they are awesome!

I'm grateful for silverware, as I wouldn't like to have to eat with my fingers all the time.

I'm grateful for toothpaste without fluoride.

I'm grateful for musical instruments played well.

I'm grateful for great worship songs.

I'm grateful I have money to buy my prescriptions.

I'm grateful that the sun still shines...

So, what are you grateful for this week?


Mama Cache said…
I am grateful for

~ January and all of the special birthdays that it holds for me

~ February and the plans that are unfolding in it's lap

~ March and the rest of 2012 . . .

Lord, keep me grateful no matter what you have planned.
Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for modern medicine and those chemicals that allow me to function.

I'm grateful for sunshiny walks.

I'm grateful for great recipes.

I'm grateful for words from the heart that help me to empathize.