Grateful Friday

I'm so grateful...
for breath and life,
for jammie days,
for a quiet house,
and for time to think.

I'm grateful for slowing down.

I'm grateful for girl-time with cameras, snow and a giant mountain.

I'm grateful for free music from my Dad.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to write.

I'm grateful that, despite my worst decisions, the LORD still looks out for me.

I'm grateful that it was only a Stage-1 burn ban and that we were still able have a fire in the fireplace, since our woodstove is certified.

I'm grateful for our bible study and good fellowship together.

I'm grateful that I didn't receive hate mail - although I would have liked to hear something.

I'm grateful for creativity.

I'm grateful for free music.

I'm grateful for eyes that twinkle, smiles that warm the heart and being close enough to 'feel'.

I'm grateful for free haircuts.

I'm grateful for my favorite musicians and music that fills my soul with joy.

I'm oh-so grateful for my bestie (she's really tough - I truly give her a run for her money at times!)
Thank you Lisa...for everything!

I'm grateful that my daughter can drive herself to her square dancing lessons.

I'm grateful for Rachel, John and Jake.

I'm grateful for cats that make me crazy.

I'm grateful for good moods and for those times that, amazingly, the whole family is in the same room at the same time. Nothing sounds as good as all of us laughing at the same time.

I'm grateful for my new 'happy light'.  I can tell it's making a bit of a difference already.

I'm grateful for forgiveness - both giving and receiving.

I'm grateful for beginnings, opportunities and hope.

I'm grateful for chutzpah!


Baqash said…
I am grateful for free electricity and water this winter. I'm grateful for my own washing machine. I'm grateful for a fenced yard for my four-footed companion. I'm grateful for budding roots that are starting to spread in my new state of "residency". I'm grateful I didn't have to get up and go somewhere early this morning. I'm grateful to learn of many opportunities to give back in the community.
Mama Cache said…
I'm grateful for times when someone else's thoughts are so, so close to my own -- it's almost like I don't have to think.

Boy, wouldn't that be a nice little break every now and then! ;-)
Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for a little extra cash for those unexpected treats.

I'm grateful for your friendship - what a precious gift and an honor...

I'm grateful for a chance to see old friends today.