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Grateful Friday

I'm grateful that my hubby is handy with plumbing and subsequently, toilets that operate correctly.

I'm grateful for open communication.

I'm grateful for people who don't want to let friendship go.

I'm grateful for the internet and connections I am privileged to have there.

I'm grateful for music that speaks to my soul.

I'm grateful for Star Wars fiction - sometimes life is pretty intense and it's good to have a bit of an escape.

I'm grateful for the gifts the LORD has graciously afforded me.

I'm grateful for the opportunities to use those gifts.

I'm grateful for my family, which includes far more than tradition would dictate.

I'm grateful for pictures from Israel.

I'm grateful for gauze pads, band-aids and antibiotic ointment (especially when I manage to remove a substantial chunk of flesh from my finger while washing a drinking glass...yikes!)

I'm grateful for provision (i.e. the fact that I still have a little money to buy food with this week!)

I'm grateful for a wonderful time with family yesterday.

I'm grateful for sweet, honest validation from an unexpected source.

I'm grateful for a wonderful fire in the fireplace, wine in my favorite wine glass and my bestest friends to laugh with.

I'm grateful for those around me who are intuitive.

I'm grateful that the LORD is willing to be with me everywhere I go - I'm never alone.

I'm grateful to share what I have with others.

I'm grateful for the bit of sunshine I see out the window.

I'm grateful for meetings that go well - and for apologies and forgiveness.

I'm grateful that it's not snowy on the roads this morning.

I'm grateful for dear ones who don't mind hearing me sob on the phone.

I'm grateful for the silence in the house before everyone wakes up.

I'm grateful that tomorrow is Shabbat.  It's been an emotional week.

I'm grateful that I have friends around me who strive to be as grateful for what the LORD has provided as I do - thanks, everyone. *smile*

I'm grateful for this rather lengthy, but awesome, quote that was found by one of my closest friends - thanks, Kev.

There are words and faces and places that never lose their hold upon the heart.

They may be...faces that we may never see on earth again, places that we are seldom permitted to revisit; but they were once the scenes, the associates, the joy of our life; they had a controlling influence in training our aspirations and in shaping our future, and they can never be wholly forgotten. The flight of years cannot sully their innocence nor diminish their interest, and eternity will preserve them among the dearest reminiscences of earth.

We may meet and love other faces, we may treasure other words, we may have other joys, we may mingle in other scenes and form other associations, but these old familiar faces and these dear old familiar scenes remain invested with a fadeless beauty, sacred in their exemption from oblivion and decay.

~ from a book of women's reminiscences
from the early days
in the western mining towns

What are you thankful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I share your gratefulness for so many things...

I'm grateful for pleasant phone conversations that close the distance between friends.

I'm grateful for counseling sessions worth more than I could ever pay (you'd be rich!).

I'm grateful for the restfulness of Shabbat.
Patty said…
I'm grateful for good friends.

I'm grateful for my health.

I'm grateful for my salvation.

I'm grateful for winter and the possibility of snow!! :-)

I'm grateful for SO many blessings, both big and small.

God is good!!

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