Grateful Thursday?

OK, I'm shakin' things up a bit this week.  Posting Grateful Friday today instead of tomorrow due to preparations for Yom Kippur, the highest holy day of the festival cycle.  Tomorrow night is Kol Nidrei and I want to spend some of the day tomorrow getting my mind in the right place.

I'm so very thankful for Yom Kippur, all the festivals and the opportunity to keep Torah - what a privilege.

I'm grateful for my friend Barb!

I am very grateful...

I'm oh-so-grateful for a wonderful weekend at Quinault Lodge - what a treat!

I'm grateful for new wine we discovered at Quinault - Ste. Michelle Horse Heaven Cab-Sav - yummy!

I'm grateful for the fireplace we enjoyed in our room (don't you love those gas fireplaces?? So easy!)

I'm grateful for our 'homeshul'...what a place of refuge.

I'm grateful for the fact that we have a guest room so Padawan can stay if she needs to.

I'm grateful for times of debriefing.

I'm grateful for a clean craft room that has been 'converted' to my office - it would seem that I need an office more than a craft room right now!

I'm grateful for the urge to make a crock of soup early in the day only to discover that it was so needed that evening at the impromtu meeting!

I'm grateful for a full chocolate bowl.

I'm grateful for belly-laughs - y'know, the kind that make your stomach hurt.

I'm so very grateful for my sister;  for her skills, talents and willingness to give of her time.

I'm grateful for funny texts at perfect times.

I'm grateful for compassion, love and faith.

I'm grateful for the silly googly-eyes that personify my iPods.

I'm grateful that Christopher Banks is now carrying more clothes that I like.

I'm grateful for recordings of Kol Nidrei.

I'm grateful to be able to pray for those in difficult situations and for those serving them.

Rebbe Nachmann’s Prayer

Master of the Universe, grant me the ability to be alone.
May it be my custom to go outdoors each day among the trees and grasses,
Among all growing things,
There to be alone and enter into prayer.
There may I express all that is in my heart,
Talking with Him to whom I belong.
And may all grasses, trees, and plants
Awake at my coming.
Send the power of their life into my prayer,
Making whole my heart and my speech through the life and spirit of growing things,
Made whole by their transcendent Source.
Oh! That they would enter my prayer!
Then would I fully open my heart in prayer, supplication, and holy speech;
Then, O G-d, would I pour out the words of my heart before Your Presence.


Mama Cache said…
I'm thankful for modern transportation and modern communication, especially during times of need.

I'm grateful for surprises that are not embarrassing.


I'm grateful for ideals, even if they are not always attained or attainable.
I saw this and thought...oh crap is it already friday?!! Then Phew, I'm okay ^.^ I am grateful for facebook and blogs so I can still visit with you virtually in this very hectic time of year.
Ari C'rona said…
I love it when you shake things up a bit!

I'm so very grateful for a relaxing weekend at Quinault, too!

I'm grateful for unexpected over time for Larry.

I'm grateful for those times when the L-rd calls me to pray specifically for someone.

I'm grateful for the chaverim - I have to say it again. We're so blessed to have each other.

I'm grateful for those tough experiences that I've had - I can empathize when others experience the same things as well as share how the L-rd brought me through those times.