Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for a wonderful weekend filled with good friends, festival memories and campfires.

I'm grateful and honored to know the Emery family.

I'm grateful that there was leftover chili from our sukkah party.

I'm grateful that Alex got a deer so quickly - more meat in the freezer!

I'm grateful to have the motivation to do some more de-cluttering.

I'm grateful for the opportunity, once again, to help feed the homeless of Tacoma. What a privilege.

I'm grateful that I'm not a teenager.

I'm grateful for good conversations and mature believers.

I'm grateful for my bestie that helps me stay on track with my schedule.

I'm grateful for visitors to my sukkah.

I'm grateful to be able to visit my friend in the hospital.

I'm grateful for hospital staff and medical professionals.

I'm grateful for medical technology like scans, x-rays, MRI, etc.

I'm grateful for yummy food in the cafeteria,

I'm grateful for reading glasses.

I'm grateful for our prayer group.

I'm grateful for the homeshul.

I'm grateful for all the hundreds of people praying for Laura (& Patty, too).

I'm grateful for my bestie.

I'm grateful for the comic relief of our cats.

I'm grateful that Morgan was willing to braid the challah today while I was at the hospital.

I'm grateful for erev Shabbat.

I'm grateful to hear about my friend Rebecca doing Zumba - how fun!

I'm very grateful for a constant and caring shepherd.

I'm grateful that Morgan doesn't mind driving the 'party van'.

I'm grateful for laughter.

I'm grateful for my loyal friends, faithful readers and loving Chaverim.

What are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for past experience to prepare us for the future.

I'm grateful for the strength that only the Holy One can give.

I'm grateful for sarcasm.

I'm grateful for my bestie, oh so grateful.

I'm grateful for the Chaverim and the L-rd's perfect timing and orchestration.
Okay, lets be honest it was the comedy of Rebecca doing Zoomba that makes you smile, I think my tummy muscles hurt more from laughing at myself than actually moving ^.^ I'm grateful that you have the love and support of so many from so many of the circles you live in.
asl4god said…
I can not even begin to list the things I'm grateful for right now. God has definitely blessed me beyond measure. I guess what sticks out the most to me is how much God provides for His children. He gives what we need whenever we need. That He knows before we do and has everything set up to care for us. I'm grateful for my soul mate, for my children, for my sister, and for the prayer warriors there who are covering us right now. For medical staff who are so great at giving care to their patients. For the journeys that God takes us through because when we reach the end, we can look back and KNOW that it was for our Father's glory.