On the Board

Commemorate, v, to serve as a memorial or reminder; 
to honor the memory of by some observance.


In most synagogues, you will find a yartzeit board.  This board holds the names of deceased loved ones, family members, and honored parents of members of the community. It serves as a reminder of our heritage, as well as a remembrance of the anniversary of their passing.  Every year, at the anniversary, family members honor the memory of their loved one by standing yartzeit to recite the Kaddish at the end of the Shabbat liturgy service.

I was both honored and touched to be able to place the names of my beloved mother and grandmother upon the board at my synagogue yesterday. Words will never describe the impact and legacy these two woman left behind. They are both with me still, every day...even as their names stand in memoriam on this board.

l'dor v'dor...
In all generations
we will declare your greatness
and to all eternity
we will sanctify You holiness;
and Your praise, our G-d
will not depart from our mouth
forever and ever.
Because you are G-d, the Great King
and You are holy.
Blessed are You, Adonai,
the Almighty, the Holy One.

Baruch HaShem


Ari C'rona said…
vimru amein...

I'm so glad we were able to stand together, my friend. I love you.
Netanya said…
What an honor to stand with you each week in honor of the wonderful woman that helped raise you into the great person you are. I share the pain of her passing with you my friend.
Mama Cache said…
Engraved names . . . so moving, so real, so strangely comforting.

I'm thankful that you have a place for those dear names, my friend.
Barb said…
I am honored to have been able to stand with you this past year in remembrance of your dear mother. May her name be blessed.