Grateful Friday

so thankful for the moedim...

I'm thankful for a good weekend spent with good friends!

I'm thankful for cozy mornings with coffee and my cats purring right beside me.

I'm thankful when things turn out well.

I'm thankful that Barb was able to heat the pool prior to us using it for ritual immersions.

I'm thankful that those close to me are willing to love.

I'm thankful for a week of full-living.

I'm thankful for times of sitting together and singing worships songs.

I'm thankful for yummy pizza when I'm starving. (Yes, I was really starving!)

I'm thankful that it's the start of hunting season, which means my hubby gets some much needed time off.

I'm grateful I was able to rearrange my schedule to go to an urgent doctor appointment with a friend this week.

I'm grateful to be needed.

I'm grateful for my hubby's best friend, Scott.

I'm grateful we found so many boxes - yay liquor stores!!

I'm grateful to help another friend in desperate need.

I'm grateful for people who long to do the right thing.

I'm grateful for our 'homeshul' and a comfortable place of refuge.

I'm so grateful for Beit Tefillah.  I'm grateful for the opportunity of sharing Rosh Hashanah with some of the most loving, caring, accepting, fun-loving, teasing, good-cooking, G-d-serving people I have ever met!  I love my new congregation!  What a blessing and an honor.

I'm so grateful for the Chaverim!

I'm grateful for round challah, shofarot, worship music, soldiers who enjoy breakfast and hugs from my hubby.

I'm grateful for my Dad and good, early morning phone calls.

I am grateful that I was able to sit at table with an old friend and her son, who has just returned to the LORD - what a treat!

I'm grateful for Becky, Kit and Alex - they are awesome!

I'm grateful for the fun pics I was able to snap at the festival.

I'm grateful to be able to sneak out of town for the weekend.

I'm grateful for sunflowers, too.  And sunshine streaming in my windows, misty fall mornings, and the smell of fresh coffee in the kitchen.

What are you grateful for this week?


Mama Cache said…
A tilt of my head, smiling.
A nod of the same, smiling.

Smiles of thanksgiving, understanding, poignancy, and care.

Grateful for things new, my friend.
Netanya said…
I am eternally gratefull for wonderful friends.
I'm thankful to spend Rosh Hoshana with the chaverim, an old friend, and to meet her honey.
I'm grateful to witness a friend coming back to G-d. What a blessing!
I'm grateful for a healthy shul and caring , loving,fun people.
I'm grateful for a wonderful shepherd who reaches out to people.
Ari C'rona said…
I'm so thankful for the close of a year of anguish and the beginning of a new year of hope.

I'm grateful for a good and caring shepherd and loving believers.

I'm grateful for old and new friends.

I'm grateful for time at beautiful Lake Quinalt with the chaverim and Jim.

I'm grateful for the moedim.