Grateful Friday

So grateful for fun photos that capture life as it happens!

I'm grateful for time spent singing with my friend Cherrie.

I'm grateful that when I fell on the stage (oops!) I only went down on one knee.

I'm grateful for good worship music (this seems to be a regular grateful for me!)

I'm grateful for a good time talking about Scripture on Shabbat.

I'm grateful for those who like my cooking.

I'm grateful for cats that like to curl up in my lap.

I'm grateful for fluoride-free toothpaste and mouthwash.

I'm grateful that Morgan had a great time at the Fair.

I'm grateful for the 5-mile drive at Point Defiance Park.

I'm grateful for good conversation and even better friends.

I'm grateful for a healthy congregation, a good shepherd and a place to be.

I'm grateful for a close and personal relationship with my teens.

I'm grateful for chances to get everyone in the minivan and take a day trip.

I'm grateful for garbage pick up.

I'm grateful for flea treatments that actually work.

I'm grateful for photo opportunities, sleeping cats and my son fixing me lunch.

I'm grateful that my bestie is willing to walk beside me.

I'm grateful for texts that say 'call me'.

I'm grateful for the talents and gifts that the LORD has given me - I pray I can use them to glorify Him.

I'm grateful for my weaknesses and failures; not only do I learn from them and are valuable in keeping me humble, but can be used to help others, as well.

I'm grateful that I got a fun song from youtube into my iTunes library! I love it - thanks, Kev!

I'm grateful to spend time with my kiddos.

I'm grateful for payday.

I'm grateful for truth.

I'm grateful for fresh smelling laundry, clean dishes in the dishwasher and my new electric teapot.

I'm grateful to look to the future.

I'm grateful for the sunshine we got the last couple of weeks.

I'm grateful that my boyz cleaned the 'playground' in prep for an awesome sukkah party!

I'm grateful for facebook, blogging and friends who like to interact on the internet.

I'm grateful for friends who want to 'shabbat' together!

I'm grateful for all the cool Star Wars stuff that is out in the stores right now...and for a new season of Clone Wars!

I'm thankful for all the entertainment I derive from watching my cats.

I'm so grateful for the Torah.

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom."
~George S. Patton, Jr.


Mama Cache said…
Thankful for time spent over yummy lunch with longtime friends that I love and miss. Resolved: to gather more often and to bring the camera!

Also grateful for the possibility of seeing friends far away (Is 2500 miles far away?) in the near future. (Is January near?) It's looking more likely. *smile*
Ari C'rona said…
Love, love, love the songs! May we all approach the Holy One with the same enthusiasm.

I'm grateful for so very much this week most especially for times of remembrance, the best of friends (the Chaverim), and a good and pleasant place to worship.
Netanya said…
I'm grateful for time with my daughter and grandsons. I'm grateful I can be of help and support to my dear brother in law.
I love the Shabbat song. My new favorite!!!!