Even Knowing

Even knowing the painful end, I would do it all again.
I would just savor every moment more.
It was that worth it.

Don't be sad for me, dearheart
for I'm just being human.
Embracing the full range of emotion
that comes from experience,
from living,
from loving...
from feeling too deeply.

Oh, let me be melancholy, will you?
It's alright, really.
Listen to music that aches
and look for something that is not seen;
For no one physically dies from lament
at least -
or so it might seem.

Let the music flow freely,
allow tears to match the notes.
The instruments are the voice,
the rhythm is a heartbeat.
Wrap empathetic arms around a sigh
and explore the full breadth of love;
love gained,
love lost,
and love given, even still.

I wish there was another word for this type of love,
one more definitive and clear.
The love of others,
love that defies explanation.
Love that is always good,
and true.

Love is like a coin,
oh yes, you may have heard this before.
Blessing on one side,
the opposite obverse.
An upside and a downside;
to experience one, you must live the other
it's true.

If I had it to do all again,
oh yes, I know what I would choose.
Still bleeding from the loss,
I know I would choose it all again, dearheart,
but for another sweet moment to savor with you.

{This meager attempt at putting words to emotion is dedicated to my dear friend Netanya - I love you always.}


Netanya said…
My dear friend, as I read this,I thought you were writing from your own experience,and yet I was thinking, how fitting it was to my situation,only to find it was dedicated to me. You make me cry tears of happiness mixed with the pain. Tears of joy from knowing I have the love of my beautiful , wonderful, friend and supporter. I cannot thank you enough or often enough for loving me.
Ari C'rona said…
Oh, my... this touches the depths of my soul, my dearest of friends. Beautiful words, beautiful music and pics - Yes, I would do it all again - walking through every moment beside you.
Mama Cache said…
I have to wonder if there is such a word in another language, somewhere, for this love.

Your words, poignant and eloquent (and yes, poetic), surely come close to shrinking the miles between your feelings and that elusive word.

Such a beautiful expression of your heart, my dear friend. Reading it is a privilege.