Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for the beautiful snowball bushes!
I'm so grateful that Lisa and I got to spend time with my dad and our friend Connie on Father's Day. What a blessing!

I'm so grateful for all the laughter on Shabbat and Sunday; it is, after all, the best medicine!

I'm grateful for a clean kitchen.

I'm grateful for quiet mornings.

I'm grateful for time with my best friend.

I'm grateful for Perfect Food.

I'm grateful for healing - G-d is so good.

I'm grateful for glimpses of summer.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to get organized and to get things put right again.

I'm grateful that it's not so cold that I can have the windows open to air the place out a bit.  Seems like the house has been closed up forever.

I'm grateful for new opportunities to serve those in need.

I'm grateful to have found a bunch of my grandma's family history research here in my own home!

I'm grateful for now.

I'm grateful for good letterboxing friends who care about me.

I'm grateful for creativity, imagination and the ability to brainstorm solutions to problems.

I'm really grateful to move on.

I'm grateful for the provision of the LORD - He has not left me nor forsaken me.  He always provides just what I need, be it comfort, friendship or His Presence.  I am so very thankful and blessed.

I'm grateful for Shabbat - I'm really looking forward to a day of rest.

I'm grateful to have the house all to myself this morning; that doesn't happen very often!

I'm grateful for beautiful music.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to sing in a fabulous choir (I'm certainly not the one making it fabulous, however!) I'm grateful that others are willing to share their G-d given talents.

I'm grateful for local thrift stores where I can take stuff I want to get rid of...I have taken trunkload after trunkload of junk out of my house! And the decluttering continues! (My life is feeling lighter already!)

I'm grateful that my bestie was willing to take our care package to W.I.T. "Snapshot" (aka Morgan) at camp - thanks, Lis!

I'm grateful that the sun was shining when I opened my eyes this morning.

I'm grateful for time snuggling with my cat last night - he's so cute. *smile*

How 'but some beautiful Celtic music to set the mood of your weekend...really, indulge.  I'm so grateful for this CD - I've had it for years, and have never tired of it.  It is definitely part of the soundtrack of my life.  

So, what are you grateful for this week?


Mama Cache said…
I think GF my favorite regular "column" on this blog, my friend.

When you ask, "What are you grateful for this week?" it is amazing how many things flood my mind. Thanks.
Ari C'rona said…
I agree with Kev!

I'm grateful for that silly cat who bounces (literally) across the room to greet me, then sits on the family history pages I have laid out on the floor.

I'm grateful for the L-rd's provision in every area of my life - emotionally, physically, spiritually.

I'm grateful for last Shabbat - such fun and so healing - and look forward to another tomorrow.

I'm grateful for opportunities to perform mitzvot. :o)
Sven said…
I am grateful for people who remind to be grateful, even in the face of unpleasant news.

I am grateful that after almost a solid year constantly on a submarine I got a two month break before having to do it again.

I am grateful for people tolerant of people with different ideas or views.

I am grateful for my parents finally understanding that I love them even if I don't come home very often.

I am grateful for Ramen noodles. Seriously, what would bachelors eat if this stuff didn't exist?