Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for the yummy cakes
my daughter was making us for Shabbat!

I'm grateful for good, healing conversation yesterday with two beautiful souls  after years of painful silence.

I'm grateful my bestie was waiting for me afterward.

I'm grateful we have so many thrift stores in our area...we wore ourselves out looking at junk!

I'm grateful for encouragement and verbal affirmations.

I'm grateful for the Torah.

I'm grateful for our liturgy...what a comfort and a grounder.

I'm grateful for my house that is big enough to absorb a lot of folks all doing different things.

I'm grateful that my schedule has opened up a bit giving me room to breathe.

I'm grateful to know the truth about someone who was close to me - I praise the LORD for revelation.

I'm grateful for a period of de-cluttering, both mentally and physically.

I'm grateful for

I'm grateful for people who care about others.

I'm grateful for everyday things like paper I can easily buy in reams, pens that are so readily available and google. For staplers, paperclips and post-it notes, too; they sure make life easier.

I'm grateful for fellow believers.

I am grateful that Morgan is really excited to go to camp and that it is her second home.

I'm grateful for a fun, instant gratification craft project last night - and for the motivation and creativity to do it!

I'm grateful that Lisa got to go see her mom and celebrate her 90th birthday.

I'm grateful for the local Goodwill - I like that all my old stuff will be reused instead of ending up in a landfill.

I'm grateful for cell phones and all the electronics that make life easier - like being able to pay at the pump at the gas station.

I'm grateful to be alive.

The sun is shining, the coffee is good and the house is is good!

I'm grateful for clean spaces, organized stuff and white garbage bags full of things to give to charity.

I'm grateful I was able to see Elizabeth last evening and give her a hug - what a sweetheart.

I'm grateful that I have friends that make me feel wanted and needed.

I'm grateful for old recipes.

I'm grateful for a good day.  A very good day!

Just got a response from an old friend that just validated the last 2+ years of pain...what a blessing.  I'm so very thankful.

I'm grateful that Lisa got home safely from their road trip to Idaho.

I'm thankful for music that my kids call weird!  lol!  I'm OK with that...

I'm grateful for Tay washing my car.

I'm grateful that Morgan made it safely to camp - her first solo drive!

I'm grateful for a good insurance agent.

I'm grateful for new beginnings.

I couldn't be more grateful that I'm out of a very unhealthy, oppressive place.  Our LORD is good, merciful and faithful.

I'm grateful that my Dad & Connie weren't hurt (or lost their lives) when their motor home caught fire on the way to their campground for the weekend.  Unfortunately the motor home is a total loss (100 foot flames!) but I'm soooooo glad they are alright and they managed to save their tow car.  Baruch HaShem!

What are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for time with family and a chance to travel.

I'm grateful that your dad and Connie are safe!!!

I'm grateful for healing words and kindness.

I'm grateful that there is hope for the future - we serve a great G-d!
Mama Cache said…
Thanks for sharing this week of blessings, especially this morning, with us. It's such an encouragement to see the Lord working in your life and to watch as you have expressed your gratitude to Him even in the darkest days.

What a good morning!