Grateful Friday

19 years ago...
I'm grateful it's my 19th wedding anniversary. Wow, that's quite a while, eh?

I'm grateful for facebook - it gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with so many of my friends.

I'm grateful for simplifying my schedule - I needed that.

I'm grateful we got Morgan's camp list mostly knocked out this week.

I'm grateful gas prices have come down a few pennies.

I'm grateful that we were able to plan to do something for Netanya's day off.

I'm so grateful that so many got a lovely three-day weekend to enjoy with friends and family.

I'm grateful for the entertainment of my cats.

I'm grateful I was able to carve a stamp for a friend to use to make her friend's birthday special.

I'm grateful for the gift of a little bit of the coveted best-carving-material-ever...PZ Kut. Thanks, Lis!

I'm grateful to get things marked off the do-list.

I'm grateful my son possesses an excellent work ethic.

I'm grateful for daily challenges!

I'm grateful for modern cold sore prescription medications that cut the life of these wretched things in half.

The first of June...I'm grateful it's not the first of *insert winter month here*!

I'm grateful for new vitamins - they are awesome!

I'm grateful for all the energy and clarity of mind those vitamins are giving me.

I'm grateful to be taking care of some things in my life and getting back some control.  It's been a long haul.

I'm grateful for a new day.

I'm grateful for my wonderful friends.

I'm grateful for incredible encounters with our LORD.

I'm grateful for my memory-foam mattress topper - I love that thing!

I'm grateful for my friends at Curves (they were so sweet when I had to make the hard decision to discontinue my membership - I would highly recommend our Curves here on South Hill, it's the best!).

I'm grateful I had the opportunity to have lunch and enjoy a movie with friends yesterday.

I'm grateful that I have the urge to clean things out after so long a time of heavy distraction.

I'm grateful for clean sheets and my washing machine.

I'm grateful for my new Buff - I love it!

I'm grateful to have been a part of my daughter getting her nose pierced.  Wow!

isn't she cute?  

I'm grateful for good friends who are still willing to listen as I say the same things all over again.

I'm grateful to be able to hug the neck of a grieving friend.

I'm grateful I have computer ink.

I'm grateful for the rumor I heard that the sun will be making an appearance on Saturday - woohoo!

I'm grateful for the ability to put voice to our prayer requests and join together to petition our LORD. What an honor to pray for others.

I'm grateful for energy, sunshine and hot coffee.

I'm grateful that I have joined with a couple of girlfriends to de-clutter one thing a day from our living spaces - what fun!

I'm grateful for things I want to write about.

I'm grateful for solid ground on which my feet are standing.

I'm grateful I can help a beloved who is languishing in a pit currently.

I'm grateful for all those who have gone before me, walking the narrow road of faith.

I'm grateful for my sister.

I'm grateful for my sister's best friend.

I'm grateful for the upcoming festival of Shavuot - my favorite!!

What are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful my L-rd doesn't leave me to myself, but loves me enough to take me through tough training ground.

I'm grateful for those friends that hold me up and surround me with love and support, especially my bestie.

I'm grateful for the energy and focus of late.

I'm grateful for the upcoming weekend and Shavuot!
Mama Cache said…
I'm grateful for so many answered prayers, for money saved unexpectedly, and for time with friends I haven't seen in a long time.
asl4god said…
I'm grateful that you're back on solid ground, too.

I'm grateful as well for my sister and for my best friend. Without either of you, my life wouldn't be near as blessed.

I love your long list of thankfulness this week. I love you!!!