Working through, cleaning out.

Passover cleaning is over, but it would seem that a purging is still in order.

So many thoughts, ideals really, have to be taken out, re-examined and reassessed.

Print this, file that...that was real, that was not.  I just don't have to keep this.

Digesting reality, strengthening resolve and re-defining identity.  Was it all just a warped dream?

Perhaps the tzitzit tell more of the story than I knew.  Twisted they are, numbered the wraps.

Very specific and certainly symbolic.

But they don't last forever, nor do they retain their usefulness when they are worn thin.

Replace them I must with fresh purpose, a new outlook, a right perspective.

A breath of healthy air and loyal alliances.  The truth is freedom...

While the enemy may be on my tail, I will not fear,

for seven-eight-eleven-thirteen is my Strong Tower.

And as I clean, sort and discard, He is with me.

"...and it shall be to you tzitzit to look upon and remember all the commandments of the LORD, to do them, not to follow after your own heart and your own eyes, which you are inclined to go after wantonly."
~Numbers 15:39


Ari C'rona said…
Well... this certainly makes me think. Yes, the sorting and purging continue, my friend.