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Grateful Friday

I'm grateful that we have come through another festival with good memories and blessings of our LORD!

I'm grateful that the truth is always revealed eventually.

I'm grateful that I can help others, even if in small ways.

I'm grateful for the liturgy.

I'm grateful for coffee urns...and vacuum cleaners, food processors and baking stones.

I'm also grateful for paper plates.

I'm so thankful that I got a day this week with an empty schedule.

I'm grateful for G-d's Word.

I'm grateful for hugs.

I'm grateful for the Holy Spirit that lives in me.

Sunshine streaming into the window and falling across the!  I'm so grateful!

I'm grateful for a clean craftroom.

I'm grateful for fun things a road trip!

I'm grateful for my dear friend Netanya - I love you!

I'm grateful the boys get to go on a fishing trip this weekend.

and, I'm always grateful for payday!

“I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.”
—Lillian Smith

I'm grateful for the possibility of a sunny weekend.

I'm grateful for all the little lights on my router...that means the wireless is actually working.

I'm grateful for sparks of interest in my hobbies once again.

I'm grateful for cheap books that are really cool.

I'm grateful for wonderful time spent with my bestie.

I'm grateful for a quiet house, hot coffee and plans with great friends.

I'm grateful that I have the means to buy groceries.

I'm grateful that my cooking is appreciated.

I'm grateful that I can breathe without difficulty.

I'm grateful to have met a local pastor's wife - Hi Lori!

I'm grateful for a post-Passover clean house.

I'm grateful Padawan was able to purchase a netbook at a FAB price.

I'm grateful for friends that check in on me once in a while.

I'm grateful that even though I have heard awful things said about me publicly this week, I know there are more that recognize lies than do not.  I'm grateful that the LORD continues to grant me mercy, peace and comfort through difficult times...He will never leave me nor forsake me!

Shout for joy to ADONAI, all the earth!
Serve ADONAI with gladness.
Enter his presence with joyful songs.
Be aware that ADONAI is God; it is he who made us;
and we are his, his people, the flock in his pasture.
Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
enter his courtyards with praise;
give thanks to him, and bless his name.
For ADONAI is good, his grace continues forever,
and his faithfulness lasts through all generations.
~Psalm 100:1-5

I'm grateful to live for today.

What are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for my new netbook!

I'm grateful that the L-rd truly is my defense and that He knows the truth...

I'm grateful for others who have walked the path we are on and offer their support.

I'm grateful for the coming weekend and time with dear friends (yeah, I say that one a lot, but I'm grateful for them every day).
pappabell said…
I'm very grateful for your Grateful Friday. I'm grateful that Jews are to express thanks at least 100 times a day (so easy to do even in the midst of trouble). I'm grateful that so many know the truth and aren't afraid to say that. I'm grateful that the truth exposes lies and darkness and relegates them to the place they belong. I'm so very grateful that the truth eventually does surface in spite of tremendous efforts to keep it hidden.

I'm grateful for people who will stand up and be counted, telling the truth even when the price is so high.

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