Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for joy!

I'm grateful that the LORD is with us!

I'm grateful for freedom.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to write.

I'm grateful for Jon Acuff.

I'm grateful for new beginnings.

I am very grateful that the neighbor of a dear friend was able to take her to the hospital after experiencing chest pains.

I'm grateful the hospital was close.

I'm grateful for telephones that keep us all connected.

I'm grateful for wonderful, healing conversation.

I'm grateful that summer is coming, even though it doesn't look like it.

I'm grateful for my hobbies.

I'm grateful that the LORD has graciously released me from such a heavy burden.

I'm grateful that Morgan gets to take driving classes prior to taking her driving test. (spendy, that is!)

I'm grateful for friends to share erev Shabbat with this week.

I'm grateful for Kathi Wilson and her wonderful worship music.

I'm grateful for sleep.

I'm grateful it's Friday and my family is all going away for the weekend...'cept me! (So, what do I do? Invite over friends! lol!)

I'm grateful for Life Center, which we have affectionately renamed 'the Hospital'.

I'm grateful for my sister.

I'm grateful for chemical barriers.

I'm grateful for crock pots and hot pots, the bagillion kinds of tea at the grocery store and Starbuck's coffee cups.

I'm grateful when people like my cooking.

I'm grateful that sparks of my creativity are starting to return, and that I actually had an inkling of desire to go letterboxing this morning.

So, here's to a relaxing weekend, my friends! *clink*

What are you thankful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for time in my garden this week and that my trilliums are blooming!

I'm grateful for loving supportive friends in times of distress.

I'm grateful for the healing that comes from reading Scripture.

I'm grateful for awareness - it's awfully slow in coming sometimes...

I'm grateful that our G-d is always there even when I can't feel Him.
Mama Cache & son said…
This morning, I am grateful that our utilities & major appliances (all of them) and our computers & their companion devices (most of them) seem to be in working order.

I'm thankful that my littlest guy is standing right beside me, reading your blog! How cool is that?
Mama Cache again said…

[stifling *sniff*]