Yom Huledet Sameach...to me!


I am happy to report that I had a pretty good birthday this year.  Not that I had a bad birthday last year...actually, I can't remember much about last year other than Padawan took me out for a drink.  Thanks, Lis!

I got some terrific presents, too.  Things I was really wanting...even needing.

Wrapped up in pjs and morning coffee, I got my three children laughing unabashedly with me over silly YouTube videos.  Priceless.

Given to me one snippet at a time was the 100+ birthday wishes expressed to me on Facebook and other websites I frequent.  Such love and care - the sheer volume is enough to humble anyone, but most assuredly me.

Getting to hang out with my bestie for the afternoon was wrapped in a yummy drink and goodies for a birthday lunch.  Laughing and enjoying each others company is definitely a gift I was hoping for.

Stopping at The Stay for a coffee and a couple of quick hugs from good friends was a special birthday treat for this girl, that's for sure.

The lovely privilege of several wonderful conversations, sharing hearts and lives, with friends via modern technology (aka the telephone!) was a gift I loved unwrapping and enjoying.  Even one from across the pond! 

Then, clad in a pink leotard and a tousle of blond hair, was a most wonderful gift - some time with my bestest, bestest little friend, along with her wonderful sisters and Mom.  Thanks, my dear friend, for letting us just drop by on a moment's notice.  It was a wonderful gift!  I love you all so much.

To finish up my pile of gifts, wrapped in chips & salsa was a enjoyable dinner at the local Mexican restaurant with my hubby, kiddos, my Dad and good friend Connie.  Oh, and a couple of bucks for my wallet - thanks, Dad!

No sadness, no melancholy.  No rehash, no calming someone down after hearing terrible things.  Just simple, sweet birthday wishes and gifts from dear, dear friends and family.

Oh, and one more gift...actually, this one was an early one.  A sweet remembering of my birthday from a most unexpected source.  Most certainly the cherry on the birthday cake.

I am so blessed.


Ari C'rona said…
I am so glad this day was a good one, my friend. Thank you for letting me share it with you. :o)