Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for inchie projects!
These are one inch square hand-carved self-portraits of some of the
wonderfully talented letterboxing friends I'm honored to know.
Today, I'm grateful for letterboxing friends.  I have the honor of knowing and interacting with letterboxers all over the country - they are some of the best people I ever met!  Kind, compassionate, talented and fun-loving - I love my letterboxing community!

I'm grateful for healthy conversation.

I'm grateful to hear my children playing a game together and truly enjoying each others company.

I'm grateful that spring is coming...eventually.

I'm grateful for yummy Chinese food.

I'm grateful that the LORD listens and cares.

I'm grateful for laughter.

I'm grateful that I get to sing Shalom Aleichem tonight with friends.

I'm grateful for times that my Taylor enjoys his studies.

I'm grateful for the fact that Morgan is getting better at driving.  I'm so grateful we haven't had any mishaps with the driving lessons, too.

I'm grateful that my hubby gets to go fishing with his best buddy this weekend.

I'm grateful for hair coloring products.  Yeah.

I'm grateful for memories.

I'm grateful for all that my mom taught me.  Thanks, Mom, you're the best.

I'm grateful for quiet times of prayer.

I'm grateful for good worship music - what in the world would we do without music?

I'm grateful that my friends Jim and Netanya are being directed by the LORD Himself, and they are following.  New opportunities, new experiences, answered exciting!

It is good to give thanks to Adonai
And to sing praises to Your Name
O Most High
To declare
Your lovingkindness in the morning,
And your faithfulness by night.
With the ten-stringed lute
and with the harp;
With resounding music upon the lyre.
For You, Adonai, have made me glad
by what You have done;
at the works of Your hands
I will sing for joy!
How great Your works, Adonai!
What are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I am grateful for that awesome Shalom Aleichem! Wow!

And, I'm grateful for such awesome friends in all the circles of my life.

I'm grateful for the new sense of 'normalcy' I'm experiencing this week. Baruch HaShem! :o)
Sue KuKu said…
So, spill on who all the inchies are!

YourBrother said…
Just wanted to let you know that somehow I was able to log in to my old account tonight. So I'm hoping that it will continue.
It happened when I linked to a reference to your blog on FB. I tried my old sign in and it worked.
Here's hoping I can now keep in touch with you ladies.
Oh, is it possible for an old guy like me to learn Hebrew? I'm not good with languages, but willing to try. It would be so helpful to study from Hebrew text to see how it relates to modern versions. No money, but lots of computer time. ;-)
Mama Cache said…
I'm grateful for time -- that morning follows evening, and that each are new.