Grateful Friday

With my ever-expanding do-list today, I almost forgot to post Grateful Friday!  Oops! 

I'm grateful it's not snowing.

We are grateful that we got to hear a good friend play with his band this week - they were awesome.  I wasn't so grateful for the residual headache the next morning, however.

I'm grateful that I have gotten to spend so much time with my friend Cherrie this month - what a treat!

I'm grateful that life goes on.

I'm grateful that I have been able to keep my commitments and still minister to others despite my feeling rather numb.

I'm grateful that my kids were excited about the lunar eclipse even though the moon clouded over right before the main event.  Oh well!

I'm grateful for a lovely lunch with a dear friend - she is one of the gems the LORD has given me though this time of difficulty.

I'm grateful that we are got to try Zumba for the first time - it was an absolute hoot!  My cheeks (facial cheeks, that is) were hurting afterward from laughing and smiling so much!

I'm grateful that I'm not in a hurry to get anywhere, as the traffic around here right now is absolutely insane.

I'm grateful that the printing of the family calendars is coming along fairly well and that my printer is not giving me much of a hassle.

I'm grateful for a new day.

I'm thankful that my children are old enough to be given a list of what needs to be done around the house and they just do it.

I'm grateful that this year is almost over.  I have high hopes that next year will be much better...

What are you grateful for this week?