Grateful Friday

Stift Melk Staircase, Melk Abbey, Lower Austria

I'm thankful for good worship and the faith that the LORD has given me.

I'm thankful for ibuprofen when my head is splitting.

This morning I was hoping to be grateful for sunshine, but no luck.  Oh well.  I'm still grateful that we don't have snow, especially on the roads.

I'm grateful, although sad, that the last of my responsibilities and obligations to my former life have been successfully passed on. 

I'm grateful that I can still maintain relationships despite unpleasant circumstances.

I'm so very grateful for the people G-d has placed in my life.

I'm grateful for hot showers, a great place to workout, and friends who want to hang out with me just because.  I'm so blessed!

I'm grateful for insightful words that inspire these:

Look famous. Be legendary. 
Appear Complex. Act easy. 
Radiate presence. Travel light. 
Seem a dream. 
Prove real.

I'm grateful for those that are brave enough to be honest, loyal and real.  I will never again place someone as priority who thinks of me as an option.  I'm grateful for self-respect.

I'm grateful for the internet and google, and the endless resource of quotes and information you can find there!

I'm grateful for good friends who call and check on me...and really want to hear how I'm doing.

I'm grateful for my children - we had an awesome time lighting candles for the first night of Hanukkah. 

I am grateful to be able to sing praises to our LORD - so very grateful.

I'm grateful that my computer hasn't crashed, since I no longer have access to the absolute BEST computer-expert I have ever known. I miss you, Gary. (...and not just for your computer skills.)

I'm grateful for clean clothes and comfortable shoes.

I'm grateful for a vehicle that runs and gas prices that are not completely through the roof.

I'm grateful for humble candles - there is just something simple and earthy about them that makes everyone feel warm inside.

I'm grateful that my family wants to enjoy erev Shabbat dinner together.

I want to be grateful for the hope and optimism that is so much a part of me, but the realist in me says that things will never be resolved.  I am sad, but grateful that the LORD is faithful to walk with me through it.

I'm grateful for all the things that the LORD has taught me in the last few years. Precious lessons.

I'm grateful for a new day.

What are you thankful for this week?