Grateful Friday

ever grateful for the beauty all around...
Q:  What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

My grateful friend* sent me this at the start of this week.  I love thinking about it!  Not sure what I'd do, though...perhaps fly.  I always wanted to be a pilot, but it was not to be as my eye sight is not even close to being good enough.  But, I am very grateful that I can see at all!

I am grateful for the two magnolia blossoms I got on my trees this year!

I am grateful for this season, time, that HaShem is bringing me through.  A time of introspection and reality check.  He is right here with me - I am thankful.

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because G-d has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." (Heb 13:5)

I'm thankful that it is still summer.  I'm thankful, too, for my letterboxing friends and for 5 years of enjoying all the facets of this interesting and exciting hobby. What a ride!

I'm so grateful for a good time of friendship and conversation with my dear friends Lisa and Rebecca - I love you both so much!

I'm thankful for all the incredible beauty that is all around me here in the Pacific Northwest, and that I'm able to get out and enjoy it.

I am grateful that I have a working computer with fast internet access and that I have a wonderful, terrific, fantastic, talented IT friend who is willing to help with any computer problems (thanks Gary!).

I am also thankful for my digital camera - I love it.  (and for a patient friend who doesn't ever complain of me stopping to take pics of every little thing along the way..haha!)

I'm thankful for my bread machine this morning, as I prepare to make challah for erev Shabbat dinner.  We still don't have all our family together for the meal, as one is still at camp and one is all the way across the state helping a good friend with some construction.  I'm very much grateful that my children are growing into independent, motivated and responsible young adults, but it will be good to have them back home.

What are you thankful this week?

*In case you were wondering, I have a dear letterboxing friend in Oregon that was so sweet to suggest we send 'grateful' messages to one another each weekday.  It has been such a blessing, and I am enjoying sharing my grateful thoughts here each week.  I'm grateful for you, Susan!


Stacy Christian said…
I am grateful, not only that I have the blessing of sight, but that I can see in color. It's such a simple thing, the refraction of light, and yet it is infinitely complex and gives us such pleasure.

I am grateful for a Creator who delights in giving us such unnecessaries.
Ari C'rona said…
Yay! It's Grateful Friday again!

I am grateful for those that take the time to encourage me and really listen. May I diligently do the same for others.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve and help those in need.

Can I repeat that I'm so grateful for a friend to share laughter and tears with? To go through all the facets of life with such a friend is a blessing that words can't express.

Mama Cache said…
This morning I am thankful for my gadgets. In particular, I am deeply grateful that I can set numerous alarms with one device. If I ever have to take a pile of pills throughout the day, I'll either need this alarm or someone else to remember for me. Honestly, if it were a matter of life and death . . . I would die.
Sue KuKu said…
I am grateful for all your blogs. I am enriched by your temple thoughts, enjoy your snap photos and am totally blown away by your art.

And I am grateful for all YOUR thoughts throughout the week!