Grateful Friday

grateful, adj., feeling or showing gratitude (ie. "a grateful heart")

We all need to be grateful - we all have so much, wouldn't you agree? Being the richest country in the world affords us things that third world countries just don't have. Fresh water to drink, right out of the tap, I might add. Flushing toilets, public transportation and police, fire and medical emergency service at the touch of 911. How 'bout grocery stores that carry anything and everything we may need or want without having to grow it ourselves? Even if you are on a slim budget, we still all have the opportunity to have so much. I am grateful.

In response to my recent downturn in mood, as you may remember, a friend who lives in the next state (my favorite, by the way), suggested that we lift each other up by sending daily 'grateful' messages. I have been blessed each day with a happy thought and smile for what sweet Susan sends me. And I have sent her my own grateful nugget each day, making myself smile in the process.

As a way of recording these thoughts, I will be collecting them and posting them on Fridays under the label A Grateful Heart. I am hopeful that it will give my readers (read friends) a bit of a lift and inspire grateful thoughts of their own. I'd absolutely love it if anyone felt so inclined to add their own grateful nugget as a comment - the more the better!

Just to add to our pondering of blessings, we are including one day of our favorite inspirational and/or motivational quote(s).

So, here it goes, the first Grateful Friday...

As I was coming to check on things on the computer, I was thinking (just out of the blue), "gosh, I love my shul". OK, where did that come from??

So, I immediately started to try to think of things I love about congregation life. yeah...let me!!

Haha! Just kidding...

Seriously, I love being part of a group; a group that, for the most part, has the same goals/values as I do. There is a great comfort to being understood and accepted and I thank our LORD for the loving people that He has placed in my shul.

I am thankful for the quiet, early hours on Shabbat mornings when no one else is up and I can quietly enjoy a cup of coffee and slowly get things ready for the day. :-)

I am grateful today for the chance to give encouragement to a sick friend. She is so sweet and I thank the LORD for her. Oh, and I liked the leftovers for breakfast :-P

This morning I'm grateful for the opportunity to work out again. Yeah, that may be a push, but I'm gonna find "it all joy"...haha!

"Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.

Thus meditating you will no longer strive to build up yourself in your own prejudices, but forgetting self, you will remember only that you are seeking Truth."

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer. (Ps 19:14)

This morning I'm grateful that we are able to have my daughter enjoy Miracle Ranch for the whole summer - what wonderful memories for her! G-d is good :-)

OK, I'm grateful for one of my most favorite things in the whole world:
Getting that first cup of coffee, stepping out onto the balcony and turning my face to the glorious sunshine. Taking a deep breath of fresh, morning air, listening to the birds flitting in the trees, loving the endless blue sky and hearing the sounds of neighbors starting their day. I just am so grateful for warm, sunny mornings.

I'm grateful that I can brighten people's days with just my smile. :-D

I went to a choir concert last night, and afterward, was (jokingly) asked to join them on tour. You guessed it, they just want me to smile at them from the front row! lol!

I'm so thankful to our LORD for granting safe delivery of the newest member of our congregation - a sweet little girl! We are so blessed! :-)


Stacy Christian said…
I am grateful for encounters with wildlife, as they always point toward a simple life reliant on the Creator. We almost always learn something interesting about YHWH when we look closely at what He has placed here for us to enjoy.
I was blessed this week as well by the thought that I have a group of people who help make it easy to keep the Sabbath the God told us too. How much harder that is without community.
Jedi-J said…
I would like to add what a great person you are. I still have my pants packed away for next winter. ;)
Mama Cache said…
My grateful list? Oh, my . . . pretty long . . . may I just note here how grateful I am for you? May I add how thankful I am that the Lord has given you and Lisa the friendship that He has?

This box is far too small, in my opinion. Yes, I have a lot to say. *smile*
Mama Cache said…
I'm looking at your sidebar, and that "A Grateful Heart" tag is so tiny. ;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing it grow.

You know I see metaphors in things more than most people do, so you might just roll your eyes at the suggestion that as your record your grateful thoughts, your gratitude and that of your readers might actually increase along with the little tag.

Mine already has.
Netanya said…
I'm grateful that I have you in my life as my friend. Your support has been priceless! Your laugh is contagious. I love your personality,just the way you are. I love you go get 'em attitude. I'm grateful you don't leave out the underdog. I'm grateful for all you do for our shul.
I'm grateful that your always just a phone call away.
I love you my friend!
Ari C'rona said…
Okay, my friend - Netanya said it so well! I'll add that I'm grateful for the many deep, heartfelt conversations we've shared, the laughter, the tears - it's an honor to be your friend. I love you! :o)