Indulge in a deep breath in.

Then, let it out.

Think before you speak. Breathe in the wisdom of the ages, the life-giving compassion from the deep well of oneness.  Breathe out your pride, anger and selfishness.


Breathe in beauty and peace. Breathe in the relationships of love and care. Breathe out gossip and malicious judgement.

Breathe in all that is good, right and lovely – that which protects and provides. Breathe out greed, jealousy and hatred.

Breathe in the rich heritage of life and history. Breathe out violence, hurt and fear. Yes, you can do it...just breathe.

Breathe in contentedness. Let go of the desire for things and unhealthy attachment. Breathe it away in a sigh.

Breathe in the calm presence of the moment, and let go of meaningless agendas, expectations, and motives.

Breathe in the life energy that flows in and around you – fill every cell with gratitude, awareness, and acceptance.

Just breathe.


Ari C'rona said…
Amein, my friend. :o)
asl4god said…
Breathing is good. Just remember to breath. ;-) Love you!!
Mama Cache said…
Yeah, sometimes I just find myself sighing (that weary and deflated release of breath) instead of really breathing. Good analogy. Good reminder. ;-)