Just a Few Quickie Stickies

Welcome to 4:30am at my house...

The 13th week of this term is ending, and the last full week starts on Monday. I am truly trying to stay in the here and now, but I cannot wait until this term is on the transcript. Anyway, I have a few stickies...(or is it stickys?)...to get off my desk:

First things first:

On the bookshelf

I am going to grab a copy or two of this BOOK to help out a fellow traveler. Maybe you would like to, as well? Gift giving time is upon us, y'know.

And, a couple of interesting tidbits from the Latin student:

betcha didn't know that, eh?

And, then there is this intelligent ARTICLE about safety pins, yard signs, and all that jazz. 

What else...oh yes, I applied for grad school. That's a sticky, for sure.

On the car radio, and now on the wish list:

Can't you just feel the hot, sticky Mississippi heat on your skin when you listen to that? It not only makes me want to travel, but takes me back to George County where a dear, old soul lives. May she be well. I heard there were tornadoes down that way; hope everyone fared alright.

Brain seed (aka ponder-fodder from the wordie):

Religious doctrinal religions are prescriptive (proscriptive?), while practicing contemplative mindfulness is descriptive. Much to ponder, indeed.
definitions (from wiki):  
Prescribe means "to set down authoritatively for direction" or "to set down a medical procedure in order to cure or alleviate symptoms." 
Proscribe means "prohibit or limit" or "ostracize or avoid in a social sense."  
Describe means identifying or classifying without expressing feelings or judging.

depiction of Catherine of Siena
My literature review draft has been reviewed for editing; thankfully, (unlike some in my class), I don't have to rewrite the entire 25+ paper. Getting down to the wire...presentation next week!

And, on that note, it is time to study for one of the last Latin quizzes...sheesh, I will be glad when twice a week testing ends! I have crammed so many verb conjugations and grammar rules into my brain, I am afraid some important stuff, like where I left my car keys, is starting to fall out!

Happy Weekend!