The Tao of Quilting

Chuck has finished his Star Wars art-quilt - isn't it great?? That is a lot of artistic work you are lookin' at, there...he says it is a meditation for him. Mindful sewing, indeed.

Somehow, it seems to go with a new book we just received entitled The Tao of Yoda, by D.W. Kreger. Here is a sneak-peak:

"...So, we wanted to see what would happen if we substituted the words 'Force' or the 'Way of the Force' everywhere the Chinese character Tao appears. Then everywhere it says 'holy man' we put 'Jedi.' The result was simply astonishing. It was a perfect fit..."

If you are in the dark about the Tao Te Ching, it is the thought by scholars to be prehistory oral tradition of teachings given to Confucius by his teacher, Lao Tsu. The mysterious philosophical teachings were written down approximately 2,600 years ago--when it was already centuries old--becoming the foundation of Taoism. These writings could be the oldest known writings on Earth today. And now, there has been a new translation made by scholars that has really caused some to fly their geek flag extra, included!

"Throughout the Galaxy,
it is known that beauty acting beautiful
reveals ugly side
it is known that good acting good
reveals not good side

Thus, being and non-being mutually exist 
difficult and easy, mutually experience
long and short, mutually contrast
top and bottom, mutually position
voice and sound, mutually synchronize
before and after, mutually sequence

Therefore it is, a Jedi
employs non-action to contend
practice, not words, have they to teach

Ten thousand things come and go, yet not disrupt.
Give birth, yet not possess
Act, yet not expect
Work accomplished, yet profit, unclaimed

A worker only with their profit unclaimed
therefore is sustainable."

What a perfect fit with Chuck's masterpiece.


Ari C'rona said…
The quilt is awesome, Chuck! And, the Tao of Yoda... wow! Love it!