New is good.

So, did I mention I got new wheels? Speeder has been retired and Annie has taken its place. "Annie" as in Anakin - dark and a bit dangerous.

getting acquainted

the cockpit

a happy new owner of a 2013 Subaru BRZ
the much-awaited sports model

This car draws much attention; men, young and old, have all heard about this joint effort by Subaru and Toyota. (The Toyota model is offered under the Scion brand.) This little sweetie was highly anticipated by car enthusiasts and received great reviews from sneak-peek-drives by auto-mag-rag writers. This beauty is fun and fast, despite the 4-cylinders, and gets fab gas mileage (I'm recording 30-ish miles/gallon). With its low center of gravity, it drives and corners like a dream. It has all the bells and whistles I wanted; I love the iPod jack, navigation, bluetooth and satellite radio. We also added cilajet sealant, security system (with push button start - cool!) and tinted windows. Perfect.

The only downside? It is a two-seater that tries to accommodate more with a smallish bucket-style back seat. And, since it was engineered to be a street racer, there was no option for a sun/moon roof due to the sound enhancement up through the roof (who knew?). At this time in my life, though, I just needed something sporty.

As you can imagine, I now park in the north-forty.
And I'm sure you know why.

Oh, and yes, I am getting personalized license plates.


Mole said…
So, so very you!

Enjoy it, my friend.
Kaaren said…
Vroom! I also like that it's a stick. That's all I drive. David got an automatic and 3 years later, says he misses driving standard.