Finally, someone I recognize.

In the few short days I have been on college campus, I have pretty much been walking around in my little individal bubble...just like most everyone. No one ever told me about this phenom prior to my coming, so it has taken me a bit by surprise. I am getting used to it, and little by little beginning to relax a bit. I certainly never expected to really see anyone I personally knew, much less someone I spend a good number of years considering a good friend. But it happened today.

Yeah, I saw could I not? Coming out of the commons, I saw him immediately. That old feeling of moving to call out and smile greeting was barely held in check as I realized him hurrying and hoping I didn't see him. Or maybe he didn't care how I felt; perhaps he was just disgusted to see me. Only the Lord knows what he has heard...what he believed.

Paths crossing and people pretending the other doesn't exist. Shunning is so much the way of the believer, right? It would seem that way.

So, which of the people passing the assaulted man by the side of the road ended up being the man's neighbor? Apparently, not any of the people I used to call my beloved community. Am I bitter?  Nah...just rather disgusted. If that is what it means to be a righteous follower of the Most High, count me out.


Kaaren said…
Grown adult people doing this is so....middle school. Ugh.
asl4god said…
I am so sorry that you were treated that way. :-( I am also sorry that your former "friend" is missing out on relationship with such a wonderful person. AND I am sad that this is his representation of following our Lord. I love you!!
Mole said…
Re-breaking of a heart...I am so very sorry.
Kurous Jo said…
It broke *my* heart to read of this experience. All you can do is forgive . . . and wonder what they'll say to you in heaven. LoL!