The Last Four Days of the Road Trip 2013: Oregon Coast, of course!

Who doesn't love the Oregon Coast? We truly enjoyed our time in my favorite vacation paradise, although honestly, I think we were all ready to head for home. For the first time, I have wanted to come home. Why? Because for the first time we have a peaceful home where we feel wanted and safe. No guilt. No obligations. No cold shoulders or shunned vacations pics. No financial chaos. No judgment. Only peace.

Anyway, we did all the usual stuff on the coast - the aquarium, Mo's, shopping in Florence, checkin' out a lighthouse or two, and walking on the beach. I loved morning coffee on the balcony and shmoozin' with the other vacationers walkin' the boardwalk along the marina. I very much enjoyed pokin' around historic Nye Beach and Cannon Beach (of course) lookin' for the perfect touristy things to purchase. I took scads of pics and filled my lungs with the fresh, coastal air.

And when the day came to pack up and make the final drive of the trip, we were all rested, refreshed and ready.

So concludes this road trip. I can only say it was a success.
Yes, I have started planning another.