Days 3 & 4: SLC Temple Square and Antelope Island, the Great Salt Lake

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind! Yesterday was spent investigating the famous LDS Temple in Salt Lake City. All I can say is WOW! As a religion major, this was highly interesting to me. Simply beautiful - amazing.

Today was a travel day from SLC to a good friend's home in St. George. But, before hitting the highway southbound, we wanted to experience Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

Temple Square
Breathtaking Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake

and, for all you foodies, here is our dining record...

We have had some incredible food on this trip - which is so different from the last two major road trips  we have taken. This time we actually did some googling and came up with some pretty good eats along our route. Above, from left to right, is the apple-pie sandwich and tomato asagio soup from the Garden Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building adjacent to Temple Square; Maddox famous skinless friend chicken and homemade mashed potatoes; chicken friend steak and fresh corn on the cob at Maddox, a fabulous burger with kettle chips and a raspberry-pear-chicken salad, both from the Garden Restaurant; a yummy veggie sandwich with that incredible tomato soup; and lastly, sticky-finger chicken & sweet potato fries at The Crazy Cow Cafe. Are you hungry now?

Some quickie STATS:
  • we counted 35 LDS chapels and 7 Temples...just from the freeway
  • 1 hillside for sale
  • "oh crap! now I have to go faster" upon seeing the 80 mph speed limit
  • highest elevation: 7, 076 ft.
  • high temp: 96*
  • 10 puns uttered *groan*
  • 1 bison and 1 antelope herd photographed
  • several souvenirs purchased for the collection
  • 1 "dirty Dr. Pepper" consumed - it had coconut in it, somehow! yeah, it was good.
Tomorrow...Zion and Bryce Canyon. Yep.