Day 9 & 10: Goodyear to Boat-Party-City

Are you still stickin' with us on our Road Trip 2013? It has been so cram-packed with sights, wonders, activities and travel that it is hard sometimes to blog each night.

Day 9 found us going back after breakfast to our artist. We all had to put ourselves under the torture of getting fabulous body art. This was definitely memorable! Two of us got our art in the evening, and the other two were finished up in the morning...

Thanks, Trev! You really should have your own shop, my friend!

After the shock wore off, we boogied down the highway towards Lake Havasu where Chuck's brother, Bob, lives.

desert landscape - amazingly beautiful!
When we arrived in Havasu, we were treated to a wonderful Mexican dinner at Javalina Cantina...

Lisa tried the Tie-Dyed Margarita and Vegetarian fare, while Chuck had a Super Burrito,
and I can never turn down a dish of fish tacos!
And now for some pics of our day on the boat - IT WAS FABULOUS! This is truly a party town, and why not when it's 108 degrees??

pictures cannot capture the beauty of the lake and volcanic landscape...

We stopped for refreshment at Pirate's Cove,
then Tay got to drive the boat back to the marina!

Man, that was FUN!!  What a ride!

Tomorrow, we leave Party-Town and head for Joshua Tree - California bound!


Anonymous said…
I love your story about Havasu. Thanks for taking this awesome trip down to Goodyear. I hope it remains memorable.