Day 19: Eureka!

 Golly, it is hard to put these things in order, especially on day 19 of our trip! I was more than ready to get movin' north...

leaving San Francisco and stopping to take some parting shots of the Golden Gate Bridge

America's largest Roosevelt Elk herd spotted along the way!

then, onto a glass beach in Fort Bragg
(not my favorite, but the glass is really cool!)

incredible food find of the Wheelhouse Restaurant in Bandon, California -
the service was iffy, but check out these desserts!

Lisa's flan, Chuck's bread pudding & brandy sauce,
my Russian Creme (!!) and Tay's peanut-butter pie...yummy!

the giant redwoods are always awe-inspiring
then dinner in Eureka - a very LOUD recommendation from our hotel clerk;
Shamus T. Bones (restaurant) which was holding open-mic night - wow!!

Almost outta Cali...phew!