Day 15: Makin' our way toward San Simeon

Workin' our way out of L.A. - hurray!

Too much traffic.
Too damn hot.
And the smog...did someone say that it was much improved? Gah!

We did manage to get all packed up after Disney - we did a bit of shopping, to be sure! Back on the road, we were ready for our next adventure: San Simeon!

First, we went through L.A, proper - Hollywood, downtown, Bev Hills and through to Santa Monica.
I had to see the famous Hollywood sign, we ran into a bunch of Miss USA contestants, got stuck in traffic,
and got a refreshing glimpse of the Pacific Ocean .
I wanted to check out the Walk of Fame, so we went to Hollywood & Vine...
and there it was! Little did I know that it stretches for a few miles in different directions!
No, we didn't look at them all. I did ask a guy selling tours where Kermit's star was. He didn't know. 

here is our stop at the Griffith Observatory (you know, the one in the Rocketeer movie?)...
Yeah, it was cool; we got to see the pendulum that marks the movement of the earth
and the uber-cool Tesla Coil in action!

next was a must-stop for us - the L.A. LDS Temple...
so many memories for Chuck. It was simply beautiful.

and here we are on day 15 - still loving being on the road!