Day 12: Pasadena, it is.

Finally getting close enough to LA to feel the air in our lungs...

Driving into Chuck's old stompin' grounds (he went to high school in Alhambra), we toured around town, hit his favorite ice cream shop called Twohey's (pronouced 2-ee's) and cruised Colorado Boulevard. Then we stopped at the Arboretum for some awesome pics; unfortunately, it was really, really hot! Sheesh!

you've got to check out Twohey's...

The Arboretum

After all that touring, we met up with family and enjoyed some really good food at the Steer 'n Ale. No pics, though...I think I was too whooped! After a short drive to our Anaheim digs, we crashed. Good thing, too - we needed all that rest to tackle Disneyland (or D-Land, as Taylor called it). More on that in the next post!