Day 11: Travel Day from Havasu to Cali

Well, today was the day to say goodbye to the party-town that is Lake Havasu (where the motto is 'no bad days') and head towards California. Yep, lots of straight road through scrubby desert. Not a whole lot to see, but we did manage to cruise through Joshua Tree Nat'l Park on the way, and snap a few pics from the comfort of our air-conditioned vehicle.


view from the passenger window (when I wasn't sleeping, that is!)
So, we are in California and can I just say that the freeways are crazy??? They most certainly are, since they don't mark them clearly. After our dinner tonite we got re-routed three times because apparently we took the wrong freeway exit. We finally gave up on the freeways and hit the back streets. Ugh! I am really glad Chuck is on driving duty for our time in the greater LA area.

Tomorrow, we have the distinct pleasure of visiting family gravesites and meeting with Chuck's sister, Marietta, for dinner. And then, it's off to Anaheim and Disneyland!


  • 1 Starbucks in Lake Havasu City is not enough.
  • average temperature right around 100*
  • the short way through Joshua Tree is enough
  • panhandlers in California have enough funds to get really cool facial piercings
  • gas price jumped 50 cents when we crossed the border into CA
  • there is not much to the town of Earp, CA.
  • getting another lesson on how wind turbines work isn't a bad thing
  • tarantula spiders are a lot less scary when they come in the form of a stuffed animal
  • Palm Springs is really pretty boring these days
  • it is difficult to find a good restaurant in Colton, CA
  • tomorrow is the halfway point...