30 Posts of Obscurity: Wheels

It is the ability to move farther and faster than was previously possible. The anxious 16-year old that first sits behind the wheel of power and movement feels the thrill and danger that is soon lost in daily necessity.

The worst wheel of the cart makes the most noise.
~Benjamin Franklin

The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot. 
The guy who invented the other three, 
HE was a genius.
~Sid Caesar

The engine sucks the highly refined fuel as we hit the ignition, and the pistons fire precisely enough to give us the energy to move forward. And what of our appreciation? A modern miracle reduced to the mundane--much better if the wheels sport the latest popular paint color...

12: Fear
13: Pleasure
14: Forty-two
15: Wood
16: Ordinary matters
17: Time
18: Fire
19: White
20: Bird
21: Moon
22: Portrait
23: Fish tales
24: Crowd
25: The future
26: My toothbrush
27: Nude
28: Outlier
29: Lines
30: The Devil G-D


asl4god said…
It's amazing how fun, expensive, and necessary these wheels have become to us.
Mole said…
Timely post for us...secondborn will soon make her own purchase, too. A descendant, in a way, of the above-featured 1800's Dumesnil wheels!